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Per the EULA (End User License Agreement), Total Office Manager, Aptora Mobile II, and related software, all use concurrent licensing.

The maximum number of simultaneous users (users accessing your company file at the same time) is determined by how many user licenses your company owns. A server does not count as a user if no one works on Total Office Manager on the server itself.

You may install Total Office Manager on as many computers as you wish. You may have as many users setup in Total Office Manager as you wish. Total Office Manager will only allow as many simultaneous users as you have user licenses.

Example: You own ten user licenses and you have twenty employees that are setup as users in Total Office Manager. Total Office Manager will allow ten users to log into the same company file at the same time. When an eleventh user attempts to log in, they will see a message indicating that their maximum user license count has been reached. Someone will need to log out of the software before another user is permitted to log in.


  1. Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II use the same licensing model but each software program requires its own set of user licenses. A Total Office Manager license will not work with Aptora Mobile II and vice versa.
  2. When a user logs out, it can take up to approximately ten minutes before the software “realizes” the user logged out and allows another user to log in.
  3. If you log into a company file with the same user name, from two different computers, that is considered two users and requires two user licenses.
  4. If you log into a company file twice, with the same user name, from the same computer, that is considered one user and requires just one user license. Tip: You can open multiples copies of Total Office Manager.

User License FAQ

Q: How can more than one-person work on Total Office Manager at the same time?

A: Each user will have Total Office Manager installed on their computer. Each of them will connect to a company file (database) on your server. Each active user will need to have a user license.

Q: Can we have more than one company file?

A: Yes. You can have as many as you like. There is no additional fee for multiple company files.

Q: Can some of us log in with the same user name to avoid adding user licenses?

A: No. Even if you use the same user name, logging in from different computers will be considered different users.

Q: Can we run Total Office Manager on the same computer more than once? How would the licensing work?

A: You may run multiple instances of Total Office Manager on the same computer. Each instance can be connected to a different company file. That counts as one user license.

If you run multiple instances of Total Office Manager on the same computer, each instance is connected to the same company file, and each connection uses a different user name, you must own a user license for each user.

Q: We use RemoteApp or Terminal Services. Can we avoid buying user licenses?

A: No. The EULA still applies. You should not try to avoid the spirit of our end user license agreement.

Q: How can we buy user licenses?

A: Please contact our sales department at 913-276-2177.

Q: How much are user licenses?

A: The price varies. Some software includes unlimited users. Please give us a call.

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