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Q: Why do I get an denied access error when changing the mobile file storage path to a location outside of the installed machine?


A: Aptora Mobile II, through the mobile configuration utility, allows for selection of the file storage location for files created or stored through the mobile application.  The default location is on the same machine as Aptora Mobile II is installed.  This allows the software to be able to set the permissions to this folder using the permissions of the computer user that is running/installing the program.   If a location is selected that is outside of the computer that Aptora Mobile II is running on it will require enabling an IIS feature called ASP.NET Impersonation. This allows for a network username and password to be used by IIS to grant permissions to a file directory that is outside the control of the computer’s local user accounts.

Aptora recognizes ASP.NET Impersonation is a feature that grants capability that is available and advantageous to our customers. These are features offered by Microsoft and we have neither control nor the ability to support their features. A qualified IT professional with experience with IIS and network security should be able to assist with the setup and maintenance of this feature.