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Yes. You can process payroll in Canadia without compromise. We also have an account representative in Canada.

We just don’t have Canadian payroll tax tables. You can run payroll completely. You either need to use an outside payroll processing company or maintain the tax tables themselves. We have companies doing both.

If a company uses an outside payroll company, we make it very easy. When the user is ready to print a paycheck or process a direct deposit, Total Office Manager creates a payroll file instead. That file is uploaded to the payroll company’s website. They process the direct deposit. The final step is for the user to download the payroll company’s payroll file and import it. That makes the final adjustments to the accounting system. That process can be done manually as well. It does not take long to do these things.

With an outside payroll company, you can still use our built-in performance-based compensation system, sales commissions, flat rate book time compensation, spiffs, bonuses, and all other advanced compensation methods. Users can still maintain tool allowances, vacation time, paid time off, garnishments, and everything else. The financials and job costing reports are 100% complete; as if payroll was completely processed inside Total Office Manager.

We have longtime Canadian users that are successfully using our payroll system. Please contact our sales department and we will connect you with our Canadian account representative. He would be happy to demonstrate the payroll system for you.