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FAQ for Aptora Mobile Form Builder

Q: AMFB is called a “Plug-in”. What is a “Plug-in”?

A: Aptora has built an elaborate plug-in infrastructure to allow us and other

Q: Why do I get the message “Access to File Path Denied” when trying to generate the report from the form created in mobile?

A: This message will appear when the PDF does not have the proper securities in the Templates folder. You can verify the security permissions by right clicking on the PDF, choose Properties, and click the Security tab.  Ensure the Users security object is present.

Q: Why isn’t the delete button available in the template designer?

A: When a template or a field has been used (it has had data entered into it), the template or any of its fields can’t be deleted. This is because the template has matching database tables and fields that cannot be edited. Another reason is to maintain the integrity of the completed form. Once a form is completed (and especially signed), we do not want people questioning the legitimacy of that form and its contents.

Your best option is to make a copy, make the changes, inactivate the old one, and begin using the new one. If you do not need the completed templates, you could delete all the saved templates. This would allow you to edit the template.

Q: Why do you lock down templates and fields once they have been used in the field?

A: The answer is the same as above. This was done to assure that templates and fields exactly match the information that has already been entered into them.

Q: Can I rearrange the templates on my mobile device?

A: Templates can be easily arranged by dragging and dropping. This is done in the Designer software and not on the mobile device.

Q: How can I remove certain templates from certain users of the mobile device?

A: This is done through security in the mobile device. Uncheck the “View” box. This will remove the template from their list of available templates.

Q: We have a template we no longer wish to use. How do we get rid of it?

A: You can delete the template if it has never been used. Otherwise, inactivate it. It will no longer appear on any mobile device.

Q: Can I have information from a field in AMFB copy to a field in Aptora Mobile II.

A: There is no way to enter something into an AMFB field and have that information also copy to a field in Aptora Mobile II.

Q: Is there a way to add automatic numbering to a form (like invoices and work orders do)?

A: There is no way to add auto numbering. That may be something we can add in a later version.

Q: Is there a way to add pictures to a form?

A: There is no way to add pictures but that is something we will be adding in a later version. However, you may add all of the images and graphics you wish to a PDF.

Q: Is there a way to add a drawing to a form?

A: There is not. You cannot add one on the fly. We suggest adding a new document.

Q: Is there a way to add an attachment to a form?

A: There is not. Depending on your device, you might be able to attach additional files to the PDF when you email it. You should also consider using the Document Manager for that purpose.

Q: Does AMFB add audit trail entries indicating who created and edited the mobile forms?

A: No. There is a security label that indicates who created the templates and last edited them.

Q: I created a template, but it does not appear in Aptora Mobile II. Why?

A: Be sure the template has been “Activated” and that the user has permission to view that template. If the template is not active, it will not even appear in the template list under security.

Q: Can you add invoice items to a form?

A: No. This type of functionality is not available in AMFB.

Q: How do I add a template to a mobile form such as work order or sales opportunity?

A: In the Designer, select the template > click Options, and check the appropriate boxes.

Q: How do we create a PDF and will Aptora’s technical support or training department help me do it?

A: PDFs are a proprietary format owned by Adobe. They have a product called Acrobat and that is what is used to create PDFs. There are other programs that purportedly can create PDFs but we do not recommend them. Aptora can’t assist you with the creation or editing of PDF files. Adobe has a lot of resources for that purpose.

Q: Is there a size limit to the template or the PDF?

A: There is no limit that we are aware of. You can create a huge template and a multi-page PDF with no worries about their size.

Q: Can we edit a PDF that has already been used in the field?

A: Yes. You can easily open and modify PDFs – even if they have been used. See Chapter 11 for details.

Q: The Form in Aptora Mobile is different than the printed PDF. Why is that?

A: Forms and PDFs can be edited independently so they can be out of sync. To correct this, Edit the PDF or the form to get them back in sync (matching again).

Q: Our mobile form and PDF both have a common field. The PDF field is always blank. Why is that information not copying from the mobile form to the PDF?

A: Make sure you entered the correct PDF Field Name in both. The field name in the template must exactly match the field name in the PDF. If you get this field name wrong, the information will not populate the PDF. Field names should not be case sensitive for AMFB. However, Adobe Acrobat might have a problem with that. You might try all upper-case or all lower-case letters. Do not use spaces and avoid any special non-standard character, such as commas, apostrophes, asterisks, and so forth. Example: “Todays-Date” or “Employee-Full-Name” (without quotes).

Q: Where are the PDFs that have information in them located?

A: PDFs that include data from the field, are located here (your hard drive letter may be different):

Tip: These are the PDFs that had information added to them from the Mobile App.
Example: Users\Public\Documents\Aptora\MobileFormBuilder\2022-12-9–15-47-32_OSHA301a_18_AshleyMAdams.pdf

Q: Where are the PDFs that are used as templates for what gets saved?

A: PDFs that were imported when creating your template, are located here (your hard drive letter may be different):

Tip: This is the empty PDF that gets populated with information and a copy is saved to the file path mentioned above.
Example: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Aptora\Templates\OSHA 301a.pdf

Q: Why are we unable the see the Generate Report menu option in our mobile form?

A: AMFB includes this menu option when there is a PDF associated with that form. The software to locate the PDF across the network. If it can’t “see” it, this menu option is not shown. Be sure that you have selected a PDF in Form Properties. Check to make sure the PDF still exists, and the computer has access to that PDF (no firewalls blocking access).

Q: Can our AMFB form output to any other type of file besides a PDF?

A: PDFs are the only file type supported. We selected PDFs for their popularity and the fact that they always look, print, and email the same no matter what the device or operating system.

Q: Why did you require us to use Adobe Acrobat to build PDFs?

A: PDFs are the only file type supported but there are other companies that make PDF editors. Adobe owns the PDF technology. It is the standard in internet security and stability. Aptora could never hope to build a better system on its own.

Q: Can you email the PDFs?

A: Yes. Your device needs to be able to email PDFs. When viewing a PDF, look for a Share or Send button. There is nothing unique about emailing a PDF versus a picture you took.

Q: How can we add a logo or graphic to a PDF?

A: That is done in Adobe Acrobat. Logos are images that you add to the PDF when you are designing the PDF.

Q: Will future software updates include new templates?

A: Yes. We do plan to occasionally create new templates for our clients. They will be free of charge.

Q: Can we hire Aptora to create PDFs and or templates?

A: Yes. Please contact your sales manager to get the process started.