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Q: Why do I keep getting disconnected from the hosted platform?
A: The hosted connection is reliant on a steady internet connection being present.  If there is any disruption to the connection, your computer may disconnect you from the remote connection.  Here is a quick list of things to check if you are continually getting disconnected.
  1. Have you checked your power settings? If your computer is set to go to sleep, one of the first things it will kill is your connection to the network. Change these settings.
  2. Are you connected to Wi-Fi? If yes, the slightest of network interruptions may disconnect you from the remote session. Hosted does require an active internet connection.
  3. Are you hard wired but still have a Wi-Fi enabled computer? Disable the Wi-Fi. The computer will still try to connect via Wi-Fi depending on your Wi-Fi configuration. This will cause a disruption in the active internet connection.
  4. Does your computer have a static IP address? If not, you could face minor network disruptions as computers come and go within your network. IP address lease conflicts may cause a disruption in connectivity.
  5. Have you rebooted your computer recently? You might check to make sure your computer is not hanging on to Windows Updates. Sometimes Windows will shut off certain network ports to help you reboot and allow updates to run.
  6. When was the last time you flushed your DNS? You may need to do this, especially if you have a laptop computer you take out of the building.
  7. When is the last time you “recycled” your WAN Miniports? I know, you have never looked at those. They are in the Device Manager of your computer under the Network adapters section. Delete them all and reboot your computer. When you reconnect to the network, these will recreate themselves.
  8. Are there Windows updates pending? Windows will shutdown your network connections to nudge you to update via a reboot. The internet connectivity will be the first disruptions to go.
  9. When is the last time your firewall and/or internet router was rebooted? This may need to be checked as a pending update may cause disruptions in network connectivity.

Q: What does it mean when I get a Login Failed message when trying to connect?
A: This message typically means your password for your TOMRDS user has expired.  Passwords are required to be changed every 180 days.  To change this password, please login on the site and enter your current login credentials.  You will see a red label indicating the password needs changed.  Update your password and re-login to the hosted application.

Q: How do we setup our desktop to minimize the amount of clicks to open Total Office Manager?
A: You can configure RemoteApp Work Resources to accomplish this.  For more information on setting up the work resources on you local machine, please review Configuring Aptora Hosted for Windows OS or Configuring Aptora Hosted for macOS.