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How to Cancel a Customer’s Service Agreement

This help topic explains how you can easily cancel one of your customer’s service agreements. When a customer informs you they wish to cancel their service agreement contract, the following steps would be performed.

  1. From the Customer:Job List, locate the customer, right click, and choose History to open the customer’s history form.
  2. On the Work Order tab, edit any work orders that have not been completed for the service agreement. Make the following changes:
    a. Set the Week Promised field to the date the work order was originally set to occur. This is the Start Date on the work order.
    b. Change the Date to the current date or the date the contract cancellation is effective.
    c. Enter a note in the Private Notes indicating the customer has canceled the contract.
    d. Change the status of this work order to Canceled.
    e. Save & Close the work order(s).
  3. On the Service Agmt tab, edit the service agreement and check the Inactive box. Do not change any of the contract coverage dates. Save & Close the service agreement.
  4. Preferred next step. Click the Contact Log button on the top of the history form. Create an entry indicating the customer’s cancellation of the service agreement. If this came in the form of an email, copy and paste the contents of the email into the contact log. If the request was mailed in, scan into the customer’s document links.
  5. Optional next step. If you need to issue a refund for the service agreement, please enter a credit memo for the service agreement item. Only enter the amount you wish to refund if it is not the full amount.

Please Note: If you use the Escrow Accounting feature, changing the work order date to the cancellation date will reconcile the Escrow Holding and Income Accounts. The refund of the service agreement will remove any income you wish to return to the