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Refund Check

To issue a refund check for an overpayment received from a customer:

Part One:

  1. Banking | Write Checks. Select the Customer:Job as the “Pay to the order of”.
  2. Select the Accounts Receivable account within the “Expenses tab”.
  3. Enter the amount of the refund, a memo and select the same Customer:Job as selected in the pay to the order of within the Cust/Vend column.
  4. To print later, click the To Be Printed check box and click save and close.

Part Two:

  1. Go to Customers | Receive Payments | select the Customer:Job in question
  2. Click the Pay check box to the left of the refund check
  3. Then click the “Set Credits” button.
  4. Click “Use” and save and close, then save and close the receive payment. This applies the refund check balance against the overpayment balance, zeroing out the Accounts Receivable balance for that customer.

Refund Memo

To issue a refund check from a Credit Memo, go to Menu | Create | Refund Check.

Tips: If you do not see the customers within the Pay to the order of go to Edit | Preferences | Checking | Company Preferences Tab and uncheck the preference that says, “Do Not Include Any Cust:Jobs in Checks Pay To List”. (You must be logged in as the Admin user to set Company Preferences).

If you do not see the Accounts Receivable account, go to Edit| Preferences| Chart of Accounts and uncheck the “Smart Account Selection Filtering” preference. (You will be prompted for the Admin password in order to disable this preference).