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How do items get relieved from warehouses when invoicing? What determines which warehouse is selected?


The bottom line is that the warehouse on each row of the invoice is what matters. How that warehouse gets selected varies. When you create an invoice from a work order that has parts, the invoice uses the warehouse of that work order. You can add additional work orders to the invoice using Assign Work Orders. When you create an invoice and use the Reimbursables feature, the invoice will look to see what warehouse was selected for those items. It’s looking at either an Item Receipt or the Bill. When you create an invoice from scratch, the invoice relies on you selecting a warehouse for each line item. It has not way of associated the items with an employee and their warehouse. Work orders are the main way the invoice knows which employees and their associated warehouses would be.

Tip: Be sure to assign a warehouse to a vehicle. Assign that vehicle to the employee (the tech).