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Invoice Item Notes and Work Order Item Notes

This FAQ covers the Notes form found in items. It also covers WO Item Notes found in the Item tab on a Work Order.

Were to Find Item Notes

From an Item, click the Menu button and Notes. A form will open to enter notes.


The idea is to allow the user to add special notes for the technician or others about that item. The notes could be “you will need to pick this item up from will-call.” They can be entered on a PO, WO, and Invoice. These notes will appear on any form that includes Item Notes. These should not be confused with Purchase Description or Sales Description.

Note: On a Work Order, the column is called WO Item Notes. Item Notes are copied into the WO Item Notes field. They can be edited in the work order without changing the original Item Notes.

What if you change the Item Notes inside the Item? WO Item Notes will not be changed unless the item added again or it is removed and added back.