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Work Order Statuses Defined

A work order may be in one of seven statuses. The different work order statuses are “hard coded” and may not be changed or edited by the user. The WO Status may be changed from within the work order, the Work Order List, or Schedule Board. The mobile app (Aptora Mobile II) allows uses to set the WO Status too. There are numerous places where work orders can be filtered by Status.

Not Scheduled: The work order (WO) is not ready to be scheduled. The status is set automatically when the WO is missing required information including Date, Start Time, or Assigned To.

Scheduled: The WO has been scheduled for a technician. This status is set automatically when the required information has been added to the WO. This includes Date, Start Time, and Assigned To.

Dispatched: You set the status to Dispatched when the WO is ready to be sent to or passed on to the technician. This status basically means that the technician (Assigned To field) should know about the work order. Certain Aptora software programs allow you to hide work orders from the user unless they are Dispatched.

En Route: This status indicates that the technician is on their way to the call. You might set this status as soon as you learn that they are driving to this location. This status is usually set by the technician from the app.

Working: They have arrived on the call and have begun working on it. This status is usually set by the technician from the app.

Completed: The work that was described on the WO has been completed as instructed. There is no additional work for the technician to do to finish this work order. This status is usually set by the technician from the app.

Canceled: This status is used when the customer (or even the company) completely cancels the work. This status is usually set by the office. Note: This is not typically used to reschedule or postpone a WO.

In Progress: This is a system generated status which cannot be set manually.  The status of In Progress will only be seen from the work order list when the work order is a multi-day work order and not all statuses of the work order are completed or canceled.

Work Order Management Tips

  • You may also use the Work Order Stage feature for “Parts on Order”, “Pending Approval”, and more.