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A Planning Meeting is conducted on all new sales for Total Office Manager clients. This meeting is conducted with your designated onboarding coach who will get to know you, discuss your plans for going live with the program, address the training process, answer any questions that you may have over the data migration, and the game plan to get up and running with Total Office Manager. Planning Meetings generally take 30-45 minutes depending on the amount of questions you may have.

At the conclusion of the planning meeting, you will be armed with information to take to your team and begin planning your implementation of Aptora products.  Ideally, your plan will outline everything which needs to be completed with reasonably defined dates to complete the tasks necessary to go live.  Here is an example of a what would be expected after a company purchases the software on 8/10/20XX and sets a Go Live target date of the first of the year. Some dates may vary based on migration type**** and lessons to cover.  This plan includes EVERYTHING!


Task To Complete Section Completion Date
Planning Meeting Planning & Installation & Support 8/12/20XX
Send **** database to Aptora (non-QB only) Migration Tasks 08/27/20XX
Live Company File Creation (non-QB only) Migration Tasks 08/31/20XX
Preliminary Migration (non-QB only) Migration Tasks 09/07/20XX
Lesson 1: Basic Navigation and Contact Management Training Outline 09/10/20XX
HOMEWORK – Database Creation and Company Setup**** Homework Assignments 09/13/20XX
Implementation Checkpoint Onboarding Coach 09/14/20XX
HOMEWORK – User Introduction**** Homework Assignments 09/15/20XX
HOMEWORK – Contact Management Homework Assignments 09/15/20XX
Lesson 2: Ordering and Receiving Inventory Training Outline 09/17/20XX
Implementation Checkpoint Onboarding Coach 09/24/20XX
HOMEWORK – Inventory Management & Invoice Items Homework Assignments 09/29/20XX
Lesson 3: Entering Bills, Credit Card Charges, and Paying Bills Training Outline 10/01/20XX
Implementation Checkpoint Onboarding Coach 10/05/20XX
HOMEWORK – Accounts Payable Homework Assignments 10/06/20XX
HOMEWORK – Banking Homework Assignments 10/06/20XX
Lesson 4: Invoicing, Receiving Payments, and Making Deposits Training Outline 10/08/20XX
Implementation Checkpoint Onboarding Coach 10/12/20XX
HOMEWORK – Sales Tax Homework Assignments 10/13/20XX
HOMEWORK – Accounts Receivable Homework Assignments 10/13/20XX
Lesson 5: Service Agreements Training Outline 10/15/20XX
Implementation Checkpoint Onboarding Coach 10/19/20XX
HOMEWORK – Service Agreements Homework Assignments 10/20/20XX
Lesson 6: Estimating and Sales Proposals Training Outline 10/22/20XX
Implementation Checkpoint Onboarding Coach 10/26/20XX
HOMEWORK – Sales & Estimating Homework Assignments 10/27/20XX
Lesson 7: Scheduling and Dispatching Training Outline 10/29/20XX
Implementation Checkpoint Onboarding Coach 11/02/20XX
HOMEWORK – Schedule Management Homework Assignments 11/03/20XX
Lesson 8: Payroll Setup and Processing Training Outline 11/12/20XX
Implementation Checkpoint Onboarding Coach 11/16/20XX
HOMEWORK – Payroll Setup**** Homework Assignments 11/17/20XX
HOMEWORK – Timesheet Tracking Homework Assignments 11/19/20XX
HOMEWORK – Payroll Processing**** Homework Assignments 11/24/20XX
Lesson 9: Aptora Mobile II Training Outline 11/30/20XX
Review of Preliminary Migration (non-QB only) Migration Tasks 11/30/20XX
Implementation Checkpoint Onboarding Coach 12/03/20XX
HOMEWORK – Aptora Mobile II Homework Assignments 12/08/20XX
Lesson 10: Open Q&A Training Outline 12/10/20XX
Lesson 11: Users, Security, and Preferences Training Outline 12/17/20XX
Implementation Checkpoint Onboarding Coach 12/21/20XX
HOMEWORK – User Security & Preferences**** Homework Assignments 12/22/20XX
Send Data for Final Migration (All data types, if QB, this is the only migration) Migration Tasks 12/23/20XX
Lesson 12: Managing Sales Leads and Tracking Marketing Campaigns Training Outline 12/29/20XX
Beginning Balances**** Training Outline 12/31/20XX
Go Live  GO Live Support 01/02/20XX
Migration Completed Migration Tasks 01/02/20XX
GO Live Checkpoint Onboarding Coach 01/03/20XX
HOMEWORK – Sales Leads & Marketing Homework Assignments 01/05/20XX
Implementation Management Check In Management 01/10/20XX
HOMEWORK – Beginning Balances**** Homework Assignments 01/14/20XX
6 Month Post Live Check Ins Onboarding Coach Every 2-3 weeks for the first six months