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Employee Alias Field

The Employee Alias is located on the Employee Set up form. It appears at the top of the Schedule Board.  The Employee Alias field may be added to our automatic email and text reminders. It is also found in certain reports and Custom Data Views (CDV).

Ten Character Limit and Must be Unique

It is limited to ten (10) characters and must contain letters and numbers. It was created to standardize the length of an employee’s name, so that it could reliably fit in certain areas of the software. If there ends up being more than one employee with the same first name, you can append the first letter of their last initial.

Possible Uses for Employee Alias

The Employee Alias might be a nick name the person goes by rather than the name that is printed on their paycheck. It may also be used when you do not wish to reveal the true name of an employee (Example: When sending email or text reminders).