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Available Records and Transaction Types to Import into Total Office Manager (TOM)

Here is a complete list of the various records and transaction that you can import into Total Office Manager (aka: TOM) from Aptora. They may be other record types add since this help topic was last updated. Please feel free to contact us.

Records and Transactions

All of these data types, records, and transactions can be imported into Total Office Manager. These are in alphabetical order. Other file import help topics include details in field names, field lengths, data types, and more.

Please Note: There is an order to how certain data must be imported. Some records depend on the existence of other records. For example, you must import your Chart of Accounts (COA) before you can import inventory item or bills.

Adjusting Journal Entries (also includes Beginning Balances)

Appointment Types
Bills (vendor A/P)
Chart of Accounts (parent)

Chart of Accounts (children)
Contact Logs (aka: Customer Log)
Credit Card Charges and Credits
Credits (vendor)
Customer Contacts (our Contacts tab)

Customer Document Links (not the documents or files)
Customer Types
Customer:Jobs (same as “Jobs” listed below)
Customers (aka: Customer List)

Customer Log (aka: Contact Log)

Customers: Updating Customers
Departments (parent or top level)
Departments (children)
Employee Types
Equipment (customer)
Equipment Manufacturers
Equipment Types
Fixed Assets (aka: Company assets)
Flat Rate Plus Desktop Data
Groups Item
Industry Codes (NAISC and SIC)
Inventory Adjustment – Non-Serialized Items
Item Alias (aka: Vendor part numbers)

Item Bins (aka: Item locations)
Item Categories

Item Categories (children)

Item Groups (aka: Kits)
Item Receipts
Items (aka: Invoice Items)

Inventory Qty (to adjust item on-hand counts)
Job Types

Jobs (we call these Customer:Jobs)
Marketing Types (parent or top level)
Marketing Types (children)

Payroll Service: ADP (Automatic Data Processing)

Payroll Service: Other (not listed)

Payroll Service: Paychex

Payroll Service: Paycor

Payroll Service: Paylocity (Webpay)

Payroll Service: Sure Payroll

Sales Tax Items

Serialized Inventory
Service Agreements
Ship Via
Tax Codes

Unit of Measure

Vendor Log (aka: Contact Log)
Vendor Types
Work Order Types
Work Orders

Work/Ship Methods
Zip Codes


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