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Sending File Attachments from the Field Using Aptora Mobile II

Q: When sending an invoice or a work order, why can’t we quickly attach any file from the customer’s Document Links form?

A: Before we answer that, let us explain a little more about how the feature works.

When a user saves a Mobile Form Builder PDF, that file is actually saved to your company’s server computer, not the mobile device. That is done so the file is accessible to the office and other mobile users.

It is very difficult to get a mobile device to email a file, when that file does not exists on that mobile device.

The key is that the Form Builder PDF must be on the mobile device and attached to a work order or invoice, before it can be emailed.

Here is the current process: Go to the Document Link and download it to the mobile device. It may now be attached to a work order or invoice that you are emailing.

Future Work

We will make this process better in the future. We do plan to add a Send Email button to the Form Builder Template.