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Vendors Missing in the Item Alias Form

Item Alias Question

Why is the list of vendors limited in the item alias?


This list will only show those vendors which are designated as suppliers in their setup.  To add vendors to this list, edit the vendor record and check the box on the Additional Info tab which says This Vendor might supply materials for resale. Once selected, the vendor will appear in the alias listing for the items.

What is the Item Alias Feature?

Invoice Items are required to have a main item number. This value is entered into the Name/Number field of the item. That item number may not be the item number used by the vendor(s) that you buy the item from. The Item Alias feature allows you to enter an item number that is unique to each of the vendors you purchase the item from. This allows you to search for and use their item number or yours. You can also scan their barcode to locate an item, even if that item’s Name/Number value is different than the vendors item number.

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