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How Parts Prices Can Be Different on a Report


If the item is an Inventory Part, the price on the report (like the Estimates vs. Actual – Detailed report) will reflect the Average Cost. TOM (Total Office Manager) will be using the Weighted Average Cost, not the price paid for that item. TOM will not know the price paid for the item that was ultimately used on the job.


If you have ten sheets of galvanized metal in stock and you take five to the job, TOM has no way of knowing how much you paid for the five you took. There is no way for the software to identify the five of ten you used on that job.

When you are using the Serialized Item type, TOM does know the exact cost of that item. The exact cost will be used everywhere.

Advanced Tip

If you had no galvanized sheet metal in stock, purchased ten sheets, and used all ten on a job, the price you paid will be the same on the bill and report. That is because when you have none in stock, the weighted average cost is set to $0.00. Since you used all ten on the job, TOM knows the exact price you paid.