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Type: Custom Data View

Reports Included: No

Description: Listing of all serialized and inventory parts that have an item bin entered in the item setup.  If no bin information is entered, the item will not appear in this CDV. This is by design.

Drill Down: Yes, opens the item

Columns and data for the Inventory By Warehouse Bin Custom Data View are outlined below:

Column Name Form Field Notes
Warehouse Item Bins Warehouse
Item Name Item Name/Number
Item Type Item Type
Bin Item Bins Bin
Location Item Bins Location
Max Item Bins Max
Min Item Bins Min
Quantity Item Calculated Field Difference of the quantity purchased (increases) and quantity sold (decreases) for all time for the item
Cost Item Estimated Cost
AvgCost Item Calculated Field Last average cost for the item increase
LastCost Item Calculated Field Last recorded purchase cost for the item
Reorder? Item Calculated Field Will appear as Yes when the Quantity column is less than the Min column
Qty to Reorder Item Calculated Field Difference of the Max and Quantity columns.
Description Item Purchase Description
Sales Description Item Sales Description
Retail Item Retail Price
List Item List Price
Item Category Item Item Category
Category Display Item ******* Associated Category Display Name
Preferred Vendor Item Preferred Vendor
Generated Date CDV Query Field Date CDV was created
Generated Time CDV Query Field Time CDV was created
ItemID Item Table ID of Item
WarehouseID Item Bins Table ID of Warehouse
VendorID Item Table ID of Preferred Vendor
CategoryID Item Table ID of Item Category