Missing Reimb Work Orders CDV

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Type: Custom Data View

Data View: Missing Reimb Work Orders

Customer: Aptora

Public: Yes

Reports Included: No

Description: List of all potential reimbursable transaction line entries which have a customer selected and no corresponding work order is selected.

Drill Down: Yes, opens transaction type

Columns and data for the Missing Reimb Work Orders Custom Data View are outlined below:

Column Name Form Field Notes
Tran No Transaction Number/Reference
Tran Date Transaction Date
Tran Type Form Type
Items Name Transaction Customer:Job
Qty Transaction Line Quantity
Cost Transaction Line ****** Unit cost for line items with an item selected. When only an account is entered, the cost is the amount to be debited or credited.
Total Cost Transaction Line Calculated Field Qty times Cost
Price Transaction Line ***** Unit Price Ea for line items with an item selected. When only an account is entered, the price is the amount to be debited or credited.
Amount Transaction Calculated Filed Qty times Price
Line Description Transaction Department Line description/memo
Tran Date Created Transaction Transaction Security Label
Tran Date Revised Transaction Transaction Security Label
From Mobile? Transaction Calculated Field Indication of whether transaction was created from Aptora Mobile II. (Invoices Only)
Cust:Job Name Transaction Associated Customer:Job Name
Cust:Job Display Name Transaction Associated Customer:Job Display Name
TranID Transaction Table ID of Transaction
CustID Transaction Table ID of Chart of Account

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