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How The Send Invoice Payment Link Works

When sending your contractor invoice as a PDF, technicians have the option of including a link that the receiver can use to pay the invoice. When you print preview your invoice, there will be an option at the top of the preview screen to send the link. You may go back to the invoice and send or resend the link anytime you need to, as long as there is a balance due.

Your customer will receive an email that gives them basic information about the invoice. There will be a link they can click on. This will take them to a secure webpage inside your Aptora Mobile website. The link is secure and only works one time. This system works in the USA and Canada.

How to Send an Invoice Payment Link

While in an Invoice, click Menu | Links | Send PDF Email.  When the confirmation page appears, click the button for Send Email with Payment Option.


  1. Your company must have a Payment Gateway already setup. Aptora products utilize (US) and Bambora (Canada) as the payment gateway. If you are already taking credit cards in Total Office Manager and/or Aptora Mobile II, you have a Payment Gateway setup. You may verify your credit card gateway setup by navigating to Customers | Electronic Transactions | Gateway List.  Also verify you have a default gateway set under Edit | Preferences | Company | Company Preferences.
  2. Credit card features will not operate unless you have a valid current SSL certificate (your website uses HTTPS).