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Type: Custom Data View

Reports Included: No

Description: List of customer equipment with details for the last work order completed, number of pending work orders, and customer demographics.

Drill Down: Yes, opens the equipment record.

Columns and data for the Customer Equipment Custom Data View are outlined below:

Column NameFormFieldNotes
Customer:Job NameCustomer:JobName 
Department NameCustomer:Job Additional Info TabDepartment Name 
Department Full NameCustomer:Job Additional Info TabAssociated Department Full Name 
Department AliasCustomer:Job Additional Info TabAssociated Department Alias 
Equipment TypeEquipmentType 
Equipment ManufacturerEquipmentManufacturer 
Serial NumberEquipmentSerial Number 
Equipment DescriptionEquipmentCalculated FieldEstimated Cost minus Cost to Date
Equipment LocationEquipmentCalculated FieldCost to Date divided by Estimated Cost
Install DateEquipment  
Install Age DaysEquipmentCalculated FieldNumber of days from the Install Date to the date the CDV was run.
Install Age MonthsEquipmentCalculated FieldNumber of months from the Install Date to the date the CDV was run.
Install Age YearsEquipmentCalculated FieldNumber of years from the Install Date to the date the CDV was run.
Mfg YearEquipmentYear Mfr. 
Mfg Age YearsEquipmentCalculated FieldNumber of years from the Year Mfr. to the date the CDV was run.
Equipment NotesEquipmentNotesNotes are found under the Menu option.
General Our WarrantyEquipmentOur Warranty General 
General MFG WarrantyEquipmentManufacturer Warranty  General 
Our Labor WarrantyEquipmentOur Warranty Labor 
MFG Labor WarrantyEquipmentManufacturer Warranty  Labor 
Our Parts WarrantyEquipmentOur Warranty Parts 
MFG Parts WarrantyEquipmentManufacturer Warranty  Parts 
In ServiceEquipmentIn Service 
Equipment ParentEquipmentParent Equipment 
Service AgreementService AgreementTypeThe service agreement information is based on the equipment being assigned to the service agreement.
SA Term BeginsService AgreementTerm Begins 
SA Term EndsService AgreementTerm Ends 
SA NumberService AgreementNumber 
Last Completed Work OrderWork Order : General TabDate 
Last Work Order DetailsWork Order******From the last work order completed, a copy of the date, technician’s name, brief description, detailed description, private notes, and technician notes.
Last Work Order TypeWork Order : Additional Info TabType 
Last Work Order DeptWork Order : Additional Info TabDepartment 
# Pending WOWork OrderCalculated FieldThe number of work orders for the customer which have not been completed or cancelled.
Customer:Job DisplayCustomer:JobDisplay 
Billing ParentCustomer:JobParent Name of child accountThis is the parent name of the record.  When the customer is the parent, this field will be the same as the customer name.
Company NameCustomer:Job : Address TabCompany 
DBACustomer:Job : Address TabDBA 
Bill To AddressCustomer:Job : Address TabBill To Address 
Bill To Address2Customer:Job : Address TabBill To Address2 
Bill To City/State/ZipCustomer:Job : Address TabBill To City, State Zip 
Bill To CountyCustomer:Job : Address TabBill To County 
Bill To CountryCustomer:Job : Address TabBill To Country 
Bill To SubdivisionCustomer:Job : Address TabBill To Subdivision 
Work AddressCustomer:Job : Address TabWork  Address 
Work Address2Customer:Job : Address TabWork Address2 
Work City/State/ZipCustomer:Job : Address TabWork City, State, Zip 
Work CountyCustomer:Job : Address TabWork County 
Work CountryCustomer:Job : Address TabWork Country 
Work SubdivisionCustomer:Job : Address TabWork Subdivision 
SalutationCustomer:Job : Address TabSalutation 
First NameCustomer:Job : Address TabFirst Name 
Middle InitialCustomer:Job : Address TabMiddle Initial 
Last NameCustomer:Job : Address TabLast Name 
ContactCustomer:Job : Address TabContact 
PhoneCustomer:Job : Address TabPhone/Ext 
Phone ExtCustomer:Job : Address TabPhone/Ext 
Cell PhoneCustomer:Job : Address TabCell Phone 
FaxCustomer:Job : Address TabFax 
PagerCustomer:Job : Address TabPager 
PinCustomer:Job : Address TabPin 
Alt PhoneCustomer:Job : Address TabAlt. Phone 
Alt ContactCustomer:Job : Address TabAlt. Contact 
EmailCustomer:Job : Address TabEmail 
WebsiteCustomer:Job : Address TabWebsite 
OwnerCustomer:Job : Address TabOwner 
Map CodeCustomer:Job : Address TabMap Code 
Account NumberCustomer:Job : Payment TabAccount Number 
Sales Rep AliasCustomer:Job :Sales Rep Alias/Name if Vendor 
Additional Info Tab
Sales Rep NameCustomer:Job :Sales Rep Name 
Additional Info Tab
EquipmentIDEquipmentTable ID of Equipment 
ParentEquipIDEquipmentTable ID of Parent Equipment 
CustomerIDCustomer:JobTable ID of Customer:Job 
ParentIDCustomer:JobTable ID of Parent Record