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Managing Payment Information for Customers or Jobs

The Payment Info tab of the Customer:Job form is used to specify default customer payment information.  This is where to control pop-up notes for the customer, and where to place delinquent customers on credit hold.

Accessing the Payment Info Tab

  • From the main menu, click Customers | New Customer:Job, or

  • From the toolbar, click the New Customer:Job button.

Field and Button Definitions on the Payment Info Tab

  • A/R Account – From your COA, choose whatever accounts receivable type of account to use to for this customer.  This is the account which will track any money the customer owes.
  • Account – Enter any account number your company assigns to the customer.  This is not a required field.
  • Credit Limit – If any credit terms have been extended to the customer, enter the maximum amount that credit here (Example $500.00, $1000.00, etc.)  This is not a required field.
  • Opening Balance – The amount of money the customer owes you as of the “As Of” date noted below. Use this if you have NOT entered every single invoice into Total Office Manager that has NOT been paid. Click here for advanced details.
  • As Of – The date the opening balance was accurate.
  • Preferred Payment Method – Select a payment method from the drop down box.  If a payment method is not in the list, click  <Add New>” from the top of the list to easily create a new payment method.
  • Copy Bill To Address – If the billing address on the Address Info tab is identical to the credit card billing address, click this button to copy the previously entered address to the credit card area.
  • Debit Card? – When ticked, the “Debit Card?” checkbox indicates that the card is a debit card rather than a true credit card.
  • Show Number – When ticked, the Show Number checkbox displays the entire credit card number.  Left un-ticked, the checkbox displays only the last four digits of the credit card number.
  • Credit Card – Enter the customer’s credit card number.
  • Exp Date – Enter the expiration date that appears on the credit card. Example: 10/20##
  • Name on Card – Enter the name as it appears on the credit card.
  • Address – Enter the address of the credit card owner.
  • Zip Code – Enter the zip code of the credit card owner.  Be sure it is correct, as many authorization companies rely on it heavily.
  • Credit Hold – When ticked, the Credit Hold checkbox places the customer on a credit hold status.  When on credit hold, a notice appears whenever the customer record is opened.  When an attempt is made to create a new invoice, sale, or work order for a customer on credit hold, a special permission warning appears which requires authorization from the Total Office Manager Administrator to proceed.