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This topic will cover setting up, adding, editing, deleting, and making a Customer:Job Sub Account (Child Account).


You can add children or sub accounts to any Customer:Job. This may be useful when you wish to setup a corporate office and all of its individual stores. It could also be used to enter job under a customer. For example: you may enter a business as the parent and the job as a child.

This technique may also be appropriate if you are entering a landlord and all of its rental properties. The landlord’s office may be considered the parent and the rental units may be considered the children (sub accounts).

Here are some examples:

Industrial Manufacturing

Rooftop Replacement #4662

Rooftop Replacement #4663

RT Property Management

Rental Unit 212

System Change Out

Rental Unit 213

Rental Unit 214

Form Access

This feature is only accessed through the Customer:Job list.  From the main menu, click Customers | Customer:Job List.

Customer:Job List File Path
Customer:Job List File Path


  1. Open the customer:job list form as noted above.

  2. Right-click on the parent account and select Add Sub Customer and/or Job from the pop-up menu.

  3. Enter information as you would with any other Customer:Job.

Add Child (Sub) Account


  • You can have as many as ten (10) sub accounts. In other words, you may go up to ten levels deep.

  • See the Customer:Job topic for full details on entering customer:jobs and managing them.

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