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Use this form to enter checking and banking information for the purpose of direct deposit payments to vendors.

IMPORTANT: Direct Deposit is something that you must sign-up for with your bank. You must then setup direct deposit in Total Office Manager.

Form Access

  • This form is accessed from within a Vendor record, by clicking Menu | Direct Deposit

Note: When this form is open, no other forms can be opened. You must deal with this form and close it to do anything else.

Field Definitions

Enable Direct Deposit For This Vendor (check box) Check this box if the vendor wished to participate in the direct deposit program. We recommend that you get this desire in writing.
Account Type Select the type of bank account you are using. Your choices are Checking and Savings.
Account # Enter the bank account number of the account you will be sending money to.
Federal Tax ID This number is assigned to you by the federal government of the USA. It may be found in the Company Information form. This number is VERY important and must be entered precisely.
Payee Name Enter the Pay To name. This is usually the same name you would use if you were writing a check.
Routing # The routing number of the bank account. Found on the bottom of the check. This number is VERY important and must be entered precisely.
Bank Enter the name of your bank. This entry does not have to be precise.
Branch Optional. Enter a description of the branch.
Address Optional. Enter an address of the bank.
City/State/Zip Optional. Enter the city, state, and zip code.

Button Definitions

Save Click this button to save your changes and close the form.
Cancel Click this button to close this form without saving any unsaved changes.
Revised \ By Read only (you can not type into this field). For security and auditing purposes, Total Office Manager records the name of the user as well as the date and time this form was last changed.


  1. The first step is to create vendor checks. The rest of this topic assumes you have done this.

  2. Open the form as noted above.

  3. Using the Bank selection box, select the bank account type that you wish for the money to go to. Note: The account the money draws from is selected in the Direct Deposit Company Setup form.

  4. In the Payee Name field, enter the name of the vendor you are paying.

  5. In the Bank field, enter a name for the bank. Any name you decide will be fine.

  6. In the Branch field, optionally enter a very short description of the bank branch.

  7. In the Address, City, State, and Zip Codes fields, optionally enter your banks contact information.

  8. Click the Save button when you are ready to save your work..

  9. Click the Cancel button to close the form without saving any unsaved changes made.