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This topic will cover the topic of processing transactions that have been marked for direct deposit.


Use this form to create a file that contains checking and banking information for the purpose of direct deposit. This form contains a list of all transactions that have been marked for direct deposit. These items can be selected and used to create a direct deposit.

IMPORTANT: Direct Deposit is something that you must sign-up for with your bank. You must then setup direct deposit in Total Office Manager.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Banking | Direct Deposit | Transaction List

Field Definitions

Sl Shorthand for select. Check this box to select the corresponding transaction for direct deposit processing.
Batch # This number is created by Total Office Manager. It is used to track the direct deposit transaction.
Status Indicates whether or not the direct deposit transaction has be “Processed”. Processed means the transaction has been finalized and prepared for transmission.
Date Date of the transaction. This is not necessarily the creation date but the date you entered when you wrote the check.
Number This field will display “Direct Deposit” until the transaction is processed. Total Office Manager will then assign a number starting with “DD”. You cannot edit this number.
Pay To Who you wrote the check to.
Amount The total amount of the transaction.
Account Your bank account; the account the money is drawing from.
Date The date the transaction was processed through Total Office Manager’s direct deposit. This field will not be populated until after the transaction is processed.
Bank # The account number of the bank the money is going to. This field will not be populated until after the transaction is processed.

Button Definitions

Process Checks Processes all selected (the Sl field is checked) checks in the list.
Reverse This option will reverse prior direct deposit transactions. Example: You wrote a vendor or payroll check and you wish you had not. Maybe your vendor said that you don’t have to pay them. Since you can’t ask them to send the check back, you can make the check, in affect, disappear. This process send the check back through the system with reversing entries and numbers. The check is effectively cancelled or reversed.
Delete This option delete the direct deposit check. You can’t delete a direct deposit transaction once it has been processed. Once it has been processed, you must reverse it.
Select All Simply selects all of the transactions in the list.
Unselect All This just de-selects all of the transactions in the list.
Edit Check Opens the selected direct deposit check for editing. You cannot edit a transactions once it has been processed.
View ACH File Opens prior ACH Files so that you can see their contents. Most users will never really need to do this. The files can then be exported but they cannot be edited. An ACH File is the text file that is sent to your bank. It contains your direct deposit information.
Export List Exports the transactions in the list to a plain text file. This is not the same thing as processing the direct deposit. This is NOT the file you send to your bank.


  1.  The first step is to create payroll and\or checks that need to be deposited. The rest of this topic assumes you have done this.
  2. Open the form as noted in Form Access.
  3. Using the Bank selection box, select the bank that you wish to draw the funds from (where the money will come from).
  4. In the Effective Entry Date field, enter a date for the transactions to be recording on (your choice for the date of the transaction).
  5. In the Entry Description field, enter a very short description of the transaction.
  6. Click the Process button when you are ready to produce your direct deposit.
  7. Click the Export file to actually create the file you will send to your bank.