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Adding and Editing Employees

This topic will cover setting up, adding, editing, deleting, and making an Employee inactive.  Note: Payroll Items will be discussed in its own help topic (see payroll items).

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Employees | Employee List or 

  • From the toolbar, click the Employee button.


Use this form to set up all your employees. Total Office Manager provides you with a thorough form to use for entering all the pertinent information you will need for each of your employees. Total Office Manager also provides, a User Defined Fields that you may use to enter any information that is not on the form. Example: Spouse’s work phone number, mother’s phone number, Employee’s birthday, etc.

There is an image function which can be used to store photos of your Employees and their personal ID (driver’s license). You could store images of equipment that has been assigned to a particular employee, etc.

Under the Additional Information tab, you will find an Assigned Asset window, which will display any assets assigned to a particular employee (this information is entered in the Asset Manager form Company > Asset Manager). The assigned assets will automatically populate this window. Example: Tools, van, truck, computer, pager, cell phone, printer, etc.

The employee’s home phone number will be associated with the Phone Monitor System (Company > Phone Monitor). If an employee calls in, you have the ability to instantly go to their file.  A Log is available, click on the Log tab and you will see, at a glance, the history of the employee. Example: Their last evaluation, the dates they served jury duty, funeral leave, called in sick, came in late, etc.

Field Definitions Address Info Tab:


Not required. Enter as appropriate.


First Name

Enter the first name of the employee.



Enter the middle initial of the employee (if applicable)


Last Name

Enter the last name of the employee.


Print Check As

Enter the legal given name of the employee.



Enter the street address of the employee.


Address 2

Enter an apartment number, suite number, or building number c/o name.



Enter the city the employee resides in.



Enter the state or province the employee resides in.



Enter the zip code or postal code for the employee. If you don’t know the code, use the Find button to the left of the zip code field.



(Optional) Enter the country the employee resides in.



Enter the employee’s home phone number, extension if applicable.



Enter the employee’s fax number if applicable.



Enter the employee’s cell Phone if applicable.



Enter the employee’s pager if applicable.

     Pager- Pin

Enter the employee’s pager-pin number if applicable.


Alt. Ph.

Enter an alternate phone number if applicable.



Enter employee’s e-mail address if applicable.



Enter employee’s website if applicable.



Enter if the employee is a full time or part time employee.

Field Definitions Additional Info Tab:

Assigned Assets

This window populates automatically with information entered into the Asset Manager form.

User Defined Field

Enter information not found on the standard form. Select from the list or create your own by clicking on the hand icon.

Limit PO Amount

Only the administrator can make changes to this control and security must be enabled.


Employees are allowed to enter POs if they have general permission to do so. You may also set a dollar limit on the POs they create. Enter a maximum amount here. If you enter a zero or leave it blank, there will be NO dollar limit.


Note: You also have the ability to set a global default limit in the Preferences form. If you do not enter a limit in the employee form, the default limit in the preferences form will be used (if any). Any limit entered here, overwrites the default limit.


Field Definitions Log Tab:


The current date will populate this field automatically.


The current time will populate this field automatically.


Enter or select (from the drop down menu) the topic of the log event. Example: Customer Complaint, Employee Evaluation, or Vendor Late Delivery.


What is this log entry relating to? Give it a title.


Enter any pertinent information you would like to keep track of or remember about this particular log activity.

New Log

Displays form to create a new log.

Button and Control Definitions


Save and Close.


Disregard the information that has been entered.


Enter anything that you might need to know about the Employee. Example: Interview notes, technical skills, office machinery skills, has a degree in, etc.


Used to store photographs.

Payroll Items

Payroll Item has its own Help Topic. Please see Payroll Items.

Employee is Inactive

Check this field if the Employee is no longer employed by your company, or maybe has taken a leave of absents. Inactivating the Employee will keep the Employee from showing up on payroll.

Show on Dispatch Board

Check this box to make this person available on the schedule board. Most technicians will have this checked but you not want certain office people to appear on the various selection lists related to scheduling. If this is unchecked then that employee WILL NOT show up on the schedule board. You can still create appointments and work orders for them. However, they will not show on the selection lists or employee filter located on the schedule board.


  1. Open the form and Sort the list if desired.
  2. To enter a new employee record , click the Employee button (lower left hand corner of the form) and select New Employee.
  3. To edit an employee record, click the Employee button (lower left hand corner of the form) and select Edit Employee.
  4. To delete an employee record, click the Employee button (lower left hand corner of the form) and select Delete Employee. NOT RECOMMENDED. YOU MAY HAVE TAX INFORMATION THAT YOU NEED TO FILE OR YOU MAY NEED TO PRINT A W-2 AT THE END OF THE YEAR FOR THIS EMPLOYEE.
  5. To make an Employee record inactive, click the Employee button (lower left hand corner of the form) and select Make Employee Inactive. THIS IS RECOMMENDED.


  • Information For: This field will automatically populate with the employee’s name, once all the information for this employee is entered.
  • You can inactivate multiple employee records. To highlight multiple employee records, pressing and holding your CTRL key and clicking each employee record. You may also select a range of employee records by highlighting the first employee record in that range, press and hold your left Shift Key, and click the last employee record in that range.
  • You can select an Employee record and right click for common tasks.
  • We generally recommend that you avoid deleting Employee records. You should use the Inactivate option instead.

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