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How Hosted Users Can Export From the Cloud

The following instructions show you how to export Excel data, text files, and more out of Total Office Manager for users that are on the cloud. It also shows you how to download Windows File Explorer allowing you direct access to your files on the cloud.

Login to Your RDS Hosted Account

Go to and input your domain\user name and password. If you do not know this information, please contact technical support at 913-322-4666.

Download Windows File Explorer

Now click File Explorer, which will download a file to your computer.

This is the file that should have been downloaded to your computer.

Save it somewhere useful, like on your desktop.

Open Windows File Explorer

Double-click it to open.

You should see a “This PC” now. This is not the desktop/laptop computer you’re currently using, it’s your cloud computer.

Open Your Remote Downloads Folder

Click on downloads, and you will see what is in your cloud computer downloads folder. In this case, notice there is a text data file called test123. I will show you next, how I placed it there.

Export Your Total Office Manager List

In the Total Office Manager cloud environment, go to any list, and try exporting some information from the list (highlight the list in Total Office Manager, then right-click and choose export is one way to do it). Upon doing this, you should see the same screen shown prior. Notice when you do this, “This PC” is the cloud computer, not your current desktop/laptop computer. This is the same downloads folder we viewed earlier on the cloud computing system. You should now know how to save to the cloud folders and open the cloud folders.

– Jonathan Fayard, your Blue Collar Software Guru.