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Easily Clock In and Out of Work Orders

Thank you for making the choice to invest in our application. This application’s main purpose is to perform timesheet tasks, such as clocking in and out, without the requirement of having an internet connection. The result is the same as if the user used the Timesheet/Time Tracking form in Total Office Manager.

The app is a great alternative to using Aptora Mobile II when you do not need all of the features found in that program. For example, your installation technician and hourly office workers might find the app especially useful. It might be far cheaper than a traditional time clock that requires double entry.

Users don’t need constant internet access. The timesheets recorded within the application can be synced (uploaded) into your Total Office Manager database later.  Using the Sync operation is a one-click event.

To help you get started, this page can give you basic information on how each screen is set up for you to use.

Installation of the Software

Geo Time Tracker is a pure app and can be purchased from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. There is no browser version. We only offer an app.

  1. Download and install the app as you would any other app on your device.
  2. Open the app. You will be prompted to enter some setup information. This is a one-time event.
  3. Enter Your Mobile URL. A screen will open asking for your Aptora Mobile II website URL. An example of this might be
  4. The next screen will ask you for your user name and password. This is your regular “Mobile” user name and password that was set up for you in Total Office Manager.

Updating the App

Your app will be updated in the same way you update all of your other mobile apps.

Note: Your company may also need to update Aptora Mobile II and or Total Office Manager for the app to work properly and include the latest enhancements.

Platform Specific Operations

The below are directions on how to perform actions on each device type:

Record Selection

When selecting a record (like a work order), Android Apps and iOS apps work a little differently.

  • For Android – Press and Hold
  • For iOS – Swipe Left


This is page is the only pure offline mode page within the application. It will allow you to clock in and out of timesheets. As well as the ability to record notes for each of those timesheets.


Requires Internet Access

This page will display the logged in users Timesheets that have been sync within the Aptora Mobile database. The results are filtered down to the user’s current payroll period. Once the app has results and there is a loss in internet activity, the last results will be displayed.

Work Orders

Requires Partial Internet Access

This page has a unique function within the application, as the page only needs internet access one-time per day. Using the Sync button will pull Work Orders assigned for the logged-in user and will be filtered by the current date. Once the data is loaded, it will be stored locally and will not be removed until the Sync button is used again. The user can then select a row to start an En Route or Working timesheet. After a timesheet has been started from a Work Order the user will have to stop the timesheet before performing a Work Order Sync operation.


Requires Internet Access

This page allows the user to chat with other users within the following applications:

  1. Geo Time Tracker
  2. Aptora Mobile II
  3. Scheduler Board (soon to be released)
  4. Total Office Manager (soon to be released)

Synchronizing Your Data

Requires Partial Internet Access

This page is where the user will be able to sync their local timesheets to the Aptora Mobile server’s database. If the timesheet is displayed on this page, it has not been synced. Once the timesheet has been synced, the local timesheet will be disposed from the local storage. These synced timesheets will now be found on the Timesheets page, if they meet the page’s requirements.

There are two ways to sync the timesheets on this page. The first is in mass using the Sync button; while the second is by selecting a row. After selecting a row, the user will get a Sync and Delete option. The Delete option only removes the local timesheets and will not remove timesheets from the Aptora Mobile server’s database.


  1. Geo Time Tracker™ requires ownership and use of Total Office Manager® and Aptora Mobile II® from Aptora. You will also need a current support plan.
  2. Each user will need to purchase the app. There is also a license fee to use the software.
  3. This software connects directly to your Total Office Manager database. When there is a live internet connection, information entered into Geo Time Tracker is instantly available in Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II. No internet connection? No problem! Geo Time Tracker will keep all of the user’s information. With just one click, the user can synchronize with Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II when there is a connection.
  4. When users punch in and out with Geo Time Tracker, regular timesheets are created in Total Office Manager. There is no double entry.
  5. The app was not designed to replace Aptora Mobile II. Users cannot process or manage work orders or invoices using this app. It was designed mostly for installers or helpers, so they can clock in and out on a work order. You don’t need a work order though. That is an option. You can simply use the app to clock in and out. The result is the same as if the user used the Timesheet/Time Tracking form in Total Office Manager.
  6. GPS data (geolocation) is recorded each time a user punches in or out. You will know the actual location of the user when they use the time clock.