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Importing Flat Rate Plus for Aptora Hosted Solutions

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When you are new to our Aptora hosted solution for Total Office Manager and you have been using our Flat Rate Plus problem for some time, you may have questions about how to get the two programs to communicate.  Is this even possible? Yes it is.  There will be a few things you will need to do to sync the two.  Those steps are provided in this article.

Database Location

On your current system, open the Flat Rate Plus program.  The database location of your active database will be in the title bar of the application.  Navigate to this location using Windows Explorer (CTRL + E).

Saving Database to Hosted File Location

Connect to the RDS website (https://rds.aptora.com). Once you have entered your login credentials, click the File Explorer icon.

Copy over the Flat Rate Plus database file from your current Flat Rate Plus database location to a location within the hosted environment.  It is recommended to create a folder for storage, so you are easily able to access it for importing.  In the example below, a folder was created on the desktop and named Hosted Files.

Importing Flat Rate Plus

To import your Flat Rate Plus data into Total Office Manager, connect to the Total Office Manager program.  Please navigate to File | Company Utilities | Import Flat Rate PlusTM Data. Continue through the Flat Rate Plus Import Wizard until the import has completed.

For more information on the integration of Flat Rate Plus in Total Office Manager, please review the page 187 in book 2 of the Total Office Manager Training Manual.  You may download these manuals from our support site at http://support.aptora.com/resources/manuals/.


Click here to view pdf version.

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