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Installation trouble is rare but usually very easy to overcome. Be sure that you have the proper permission to install software and permission to access certain files like the Company File (database). Be sure your computer meets the system minimum requirements before going any further.

If you encounter troubles, please follow these instructions.


If The Installation Does Not Start Automatically

  1. Be sure the CD is clean and positioned correctly in the drive.
  2. Double-click the My Computer Icon.
  3. Double-click your CD-ROM drive icon.
  4. Double-click Setup.exe.

You Receive an Error Message During The Installation Process or Still Have Trouble

  1. Shutdown your computer and then restart your computer. Be sure you do a complete shutdown as opposed to just a restart.
  2. Delete all files in your Windows\Temp folder. The path is usually C:\Windows\Temp (for Windows 95, 98, XP, XP Pro) or C:\WINNT (for Windows NT or 2000).
  3. Close ALL applications including Virus Scanning products. Scan the CD for viruses if you wish but close the virus program once you have done that.
  4. Make certain that ALL applications are closed. Your computer should not be downloading files, playing music, or doing anything else when you install ANY software including Total Office Manager.
  5. Attempt the installation once again.
  6. You also try copying all of the files from the CD to your computer and then running the installation. This removes the possibility of a problem transferring files from the CD to the computer’s hard drive.
  7. More trouble? Please contact technical support.

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