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Item Lookup

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The Item Lookup window is a powerful tool used to locate invoice items when completing estimates, sales, invoices, purchase orders, and other similar forms.

As an overview to the Item Lookup concept, items are located in the item list on the left-hand side of the window, then transferred to the “basket” on the right-hand side of the list.  When finished, all of the items in the “basket” will be moved to the original source document (invoice or purchase order or whatever).

Form Access

  • From within applicable forms (invoices, purchase orders, etc), click <Lookup> from the Items drop-down list.


Item Lookup Filter

The Item Lookup has a self-contained filter to assist in locating items.

  • Field – Select the field on which to filter.  Choices include All, Name/Number, Type, Category, Sales Description, and Purchase Description.
  • Condition – Choose a condition for which to search.  Available conditions are: Equal, Like, Starts With, and Ends With.
  • Search For – Enter an alpha-numeric string for which to lookup.
  • Lookup – After the Field, Condition, and Search For fields have been populated, click the Lookup button to proceed with the search.  The filtered results will be displayed in the left-hand list of items.

Find As You Type

The Item Lookup window includes Find As You Type functionality.  It behaves in similar manner as in other lists.  See the related topic, “Find As You Type” for complete information on it’s usage.

To use Find As You Type in the Item Lookup window:

  1. Set “Find As You Type” to an available field (Name/Number, Sales Desc, Purchase Desc, or Alias).
  2. Click once anywhere in the item list (this sets the “focus” to the list)
  3. Begin typing what is to be found.

Adding Items to the “Basket”

Items which are added to the “Basket” (the list on the right-hand side) will be transferred to the original source document (invoice, purchase order, etc).  Several ways exist of adding items to the “Basket”.

  • Double-click on an item in the item list.  It will automatically appear in the “Basket”.
  • Click an item’s “select” button, then click the ” > ” button to move the item to the “Basket” one at a time.
  • Select multiple items, then use the ” > ” button to move them to the “Basket” all at once.  See the related topic, “Selecting Records in Lists” for more information.
  • Click the ” >> ” button.  This will put ALL of the items in the “Basket” with a single click.

Removing Items From the “Basket”

A couple of ways exist to easily remove items from the “Basket” (the list on the right-hand side).

  • Select one or more items to be removed from the “Basket” and click the ” < ” button.
  • Use the ” << ” button to remove ALL items from the “Basket” with a single click.

Other Controls

  • UP – When a single item in the “Basket” is highlighted, this button moves the highlight to the item immediately above.
  • Down – When a single item in the “Basket” is highlighted, this button moves the highlight to the item immediately below.
  • OK – Moves all items in the “Basket” to the original document (invoice, purchase order, etc) and closes the Item Lookup window.
  • Cancel – Closes the Item Lookup window without adding anything to the original document (invoice, purchase order, etc).


  • To lookup an item by it’s alias, set “Find As You Type” to Alias, click once anywhere in the source list, and begin typing the alias.  See the related topic, “Find As You Type” for more information.

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