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Some companies will project the amount of Labor Minutes needed to accomplish a task. This feature will allow you to assign Labor Minutes to certain Invoice Items which will then populate and total on Estimates, Invoices or Sales.

Form Access


  • Go to Edit | Preferences | Items | Company Preferences – Check “Use Labor Minutes”
  • Edit existing Invoice Items or enter new ones. There will be a field available on all Inventory, Non-Inventory, Serialized, Other Charge, Service or Service Agreement Items to enter in the Labor Minutes.
  • When entering an Invoice, Estimate or Sale go to Menu | Form Preferences, check the box to show “Labor Minutes” (This only has to be done once per user).
  • When you add new Items to the transaction a column will appear showing you the Labor Minutes for the item. On the upper portion of the transaction it will Total all of the Labor Minutes.
  • If you would like this field to print on your Custom Report please edit the Report and add the fields to where you would like them to appear.