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This topic will cover creating a New Company in Total Office Manager.


Use this feature to create a new company for Total Office Manager. This is a necessary part of getting starting with Total Office Manager.

This wizard makes it easy with the simplicity of a step-by-step interview to assist you in setting up your company. Total Office Manager has taken most of the guesswork out of setting up your company, but you also have the option of setting it up from scratch.

Your Options using the Wizard are:

  1. Create a new company based on a sample company (generally recommended).

  2. Create a new blank company and populate it yourself.

  3. Create a new company from a QuickBooks ® company data file.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click File | New Company

Field and Button Definitions

Data File Setup –

Select one of the three choices above. Use a sample company or a blank company format.

General Company Information –

Enter your company’s name, DBA, address, phone, and fax. This information will print on your company files.

Company Government Information –

Enter all pertinent government account numbers. (Some fields are optional).  It’s a good place to store account numbers, so you don’t forget them.

Business Year –

Select Fiscal Year and enter the month of the year. Or select Calendar Year (January – December). Check with you accountant if you are not sure.

Industry Type –

Select an industry that would best describe your company. These have pre-defined database that you can select data from.

Chart of Accounts – 

You can keep all the default accounts already checked marked or you can hand pick the account numbers you will be using, by simply un-checking the accounts you do not want to use.

Type List –

Select the types that best fits your company. Customers, Vendors , Work Orders, Payroll etc. These type items come pre-configured with a variety of data to assist you. Most users should go ahead and just keep all of them. You can always change them later.

File Name and Location –

Type in the location, or use the Set button to select the location where you want your database to reside.  Total Office Manager recommends your C:\Total Office Manager_Data

Finishing Up –

Click Create to create your company.


  1. Open the New Company wizard as instructed above.
  2. Go through each form and follow the instructions.
  3. Use the field and button definitions to give you insight on how to use each option.


  • DBA stands for Doing Business As: (found in the General Company Information area)
  • Remember you can edit most information after you have created your company.
  • The New Company Wizard is not based on the sample company provided with Total Office Manager (called Sample Company File.tom).
  • DO NOT use the demo Company File for your company.

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