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Custom footers are created using the New Custom Footer form.

Form Access

  • First open the Custom Footers List from the main menu, by clicking Company | Lists | Custom Footers, then right click anywhere in the list and choose New Footer from the pop-up menu.

Field & Button Definitions

  • Name – Enter the name of a new custom footer in this field.
  • Text – Enter the actual text of the footer in this field.
  • Bold – The Bold button toggles on/off bold formatting for highlighted text.
  • Italic – The Italic button toggles on/off Italic formatting for highlighted text.
  • Underline – The Underline button toggles on/off Underline formatting for highlighted text.
  • Strikethrough – The Strikethrough button toggles on/off Strikethrough formatting for highlighted text.
  • Justification – The Justification buttons control the positioning for highlighted text.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste – The Cut/Copy/Paste buttons help manage text.  The Cut button removes any highlighted text and places it onto the system’s clipboard.  The Copy button places a copy of any highlighted text onto the system’s clipboard, leaving the source text intact.  The Paste button puts the contents of the system’s clipboard to where the cursor is located.
  • Font – the Font button opens a commonly used font control.
  • OK – The OK button saves any settings and closes the form.
  • Cancel – The Cancel button closes the form without saving any settings.
  • Inactive – The Inactive checkbox causes the footer to become inactive.