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How to Pay Your Sales Tax Liabilities

This help topic explains how to use the Pay Sales Tax Liability form.

Using the Pay Sales Tax Form

Each time you sell something, Total Office Manager offers you the chance to add sales tax to the sale. When you do Total Office Manager, keeps track of the sales tax collected and who you owe the money to. This makes it easy to pay the particular tax authority that you owe the money to.

This form allows you to quickly and easily pay the correct sales tax vendor and the correct amount.

How to Open the Pay Sales Tax Form

  • From the main menu click Customers | Sales Tax | Pay Sales Tax.

Field Definitions

Checking Account – This is the bank account your check will draw from to pay the sales tax bill.
Payment Date – Check date. Total Office Manager automatically populates this field with the current date but you can change it if needed.
Show Sales Tax From – Set a date to create a date range to show how much sales tax was collected for that data range.
Pay – Check this check box to indicate which sales tax liabilities you wish to pay.
Sales Tax Item – Indicated what sales tax item you are paying.
Payable To – Refers to the sales tax authority (agency or vendor) that you owe the money to and wish to pay.
Amount – The amount of sales tax that you have collected and now need to pass on (pay) to the sales tax authority.
Amnt. to Pay – Amount to Pay. The amount of sales tax you are paying.
Totals – Displays the total of the columns above.

Button Definitions

Select All – Selects each and every sales tax liability and marks it for payment.
Deselect All – Deselects all sales tax liabilities that may have been marked for payment.
Create Checks – Creates checks made out to the proper authorities in the proper amount and closes the form. You still must go to Write Checks to actually assign a starting check number and print them.
Exit –  Closes the form.

Step-By-Step to Paying Your Sales Tax

  1. Open the Sales Tax Liability Adjustment form as directed above.
  2. Change the Check Date if needed.
  3. Adjust the Show Sales Tax Through date as needed to display the correct date range.
  4. Mark which Sales Tax Liabilities you wish to pay by clicking on this field.
  5. Click OK to commit your changes.
  6. Open the Write Checks form (under Banking) to actually print the checks you have just created.


  • If you need to adjust the amount of sales tax you owe, use the Sales Tax Liability Adjustment form. Please see the link below.
  • Total Office Manager should calculate sales tax liabilities correctly. If you notice regular errors, be sure to carefully check how you setup your sales tax. We recommend that you quickly seek qualified help with sales tax setup and management.
  • Be careful to pay your sales tax in full and on time. The interest and penalties can be significant.
  • You don’t charge sales tax, you collect it. You don’t really pay sales tax, you just pass it on to the correct tax authority. Your company is basically just a tax collection agency for your local tax authorities.

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