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Payroll Templates allow you to put together a package of payroll items (including tax types, earning types, deduction types, employer liability types, and time off types) and give them a name. In other words, Payroll Templates are groups of payroll items. This makes it easier to process payroll because you can add a payroll template to an employee’s setup instead of each and every individual payroll item.

Payroll Templates are a quick and easy way to define payroll items for a group. For example, if your company has a type of employee, say ‘Technicians,’ and 90% of all technicians use the same payroll items, you can set up a technician Template. This template can be applied against any employee and all the values defined in the group are applied to the employee.

You can change the payroll items within the Payroll Template without having those changes take place anywhere else. This allows you to customize each Template.

From the Payroll Template List window you can add new items, edit existing items and delete existing payroll templates. Editing an existing template opens the Payroll Template Edit window.

Form Access

  • Payroll Templates are added from the Payroll Items List.  From the main menu, click Employees | Lists | Payroll Template List


  • The Payroll Templates are a valuable time saving feature in that you can create a group of payroll items and apply them quickly to any employee.

  • For example, if you generally have technicians on the job you could create a “technicians” template that has all of the general payroll items set. Then, after applying the template to the employee, you can edit each item individually and edit only those items you need to.

  • Generally speaking, the payroll items in the template are identical with individual payroll items. Where different we will make note of it.


Once you have added a payroll item to any list, you cannot change it. You will need to delete it from the list and add the correct one to that list.

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