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Use the Process Pay Group form to easily run payroll for a specific pay group.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Employees > Process Pay Group (see illustration).


  1. Choose a Pay Group from the drop-down list
  2. Choose the Bank Account you wish to draw the funds from.
  3. Set the Period Begin Date and the Period End Date
  4. Set the Pay Date
  5. Tick the Pay checkbox for each employee being processed
  6. Click the Create Paychecks button

Field & Button Definitions

  • Pay Group – This lists all of the active pay groups. When a pay group is selected, the Employee grid below is populated. The Account ID combo box is tied to the pay group and changes according to the pay group selected. Each pay group may have its own Account.
  • Period Begin/End Date – This is the date that the period is going to begin/end on.
  • Pay Date – This is the date that the paycheck will be written for.
  • Bank Account – The bank account to use for processing this particular pay group.
  • Pay – Tick this checkbox for each employee being processed
  • Employee – Name of the employee
  • Time Sheet – Yes/No field indicating that an employee uses timesheet data or not. This field is not editable.
  • Pay Frequency – The pay frequency of the employee. This field is not editable.
  • Last Paid – The date of the last paycheck for this employee. This field is not editable.
  • Employee Details Grid – Displays employee, type, payroll item, hours, and amount information for the pay group.  Annual salaries are NOT shown.  Data in white fields can be adjusted as necessary.  Data in dimmed fields (grayed-out fields) are not editable.
  • Select All – Ticks the Pay checkbox for every employee in the pay group
  • Deselect All – Clears the Pay checkbox for every employee in the pay group.
  • Timesheets – Opens the Weekly Time Sheet form.  Same as going to the main menu and clicking Employees > Timesheets/Time Tracking.
  • Refresh – Refreshes the information on the form after any adjustments are made.

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