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Introducing the Process Paychecks Form

The paycheck list form is a convenient way to look at paychecks. The list has several filtering capabilities. Among them you can sort by Employee, Date Range, Paycheck Posted, Paycheck Printed, or Paycheck Voided. This form uses the same advanced filtering and sorting capability found in other parts of Total Office Manager.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Employees | Process Paychecks


  1. Sort and filter the form as needed.

  2. Select a line and click the Paycheck button for options. You may also right click on any line.

  3. You have several options here. You can edit a paycheck, void, unvoid, post, unpost, and print a paycheck.

  4. Click the Exit button when you are finished.

Field and Button Definitions

Pay Group Combo – This lists all of the active pay groups.  When a pay group is selected, the Employee grid below is populated.  The Account ID combo box is tied to the pay group and changes according to the pay group selected.  Each pay group may have its own Account.
Period Begin Date Calendar – This is the date that the period is going to be begin at.


Pay Date – This is the date that the paycheck will be written for.
Account ID –

The bank account to write the check against.  It is variable for each pay group and its value is stored dynamically in the preferences table.

Process Grid – The process grid tells us general information about the employee.  It allows the user to select which employees to pay and tells us whether or not the employee is using time-sheet data or not.  It also tells us what the employee pay frequency is and the last date that they were paid.
Pay Check Box – Check this box to process the employee.
Employee – Name of the employee.
Time Sheet – Yes/No field indicating that an employee uses time sheet data or not. This field is not editable.
Pay Frequency – The pay frequency of the employee.  This field is not editable.

Last Paid –

The date of the last paycheck for this employee.  This field is not editable.
Employee Details Grid – The details grid shows each employee from the process grid and shows the earning items that are editable.  Annual salaries are NOT shown.  From this grid, the user can change the hours for an employee and add other items such as bonus’s and travel reimbursements (assuming they’ve been setup for that employee).


  • The line items simply show a summary of the paycheck. At the bottom of the form, the footer shows the summation of the money columns. The user can edit a paycheck, void, unvoid, post, unpost and print a paycheck all from this window.

  • By the time you get to this form, you should already be well aware of what the various column names and other fields mean. If you are not familiar with some of the terms used on this form, please use the glossary or study other related help topics.

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