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Using the Pick Ticket Sheet (aka: Pull Sheet)

The pick ticket feature consists of a report that may be printed from the Estimate form. The idea is that a sales person would create a comprehensive estimate that contains all of the various equipment, materials, and technical notes required to complete a sale. This sale may consist of something simple like the sale and delivery of an appliance or something more complicated like an entire system replacement.

When the job is sold, the Estimate is marked “Awarded” (sold) using the Status selection at the top of the Estimate form. The Pick Ticket may then be printed and handed to the installers or warehouse personnel. The equipment and materials could then be pulled (or “picked”) for the job. As items are pulled, the Pick Ticket is marked appropriately. These items may then be staged for later pickup by the installers or delivery personnel. The delivery driver or installers would get a copy of the Pick Ticket.

When the delivery or installation is completed, the driver or installers would write down everything that was returned on the original Pick Ticket. The Parts Manager would verify the Pick Ticket against the items returned.

An inventory adjustment may then be used to return all unused inventory to stock.

Form Access

  • From within an estimate, click Menu | Print Pick Ticket