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The Work Orders preference window is where to configure defaults and settings related to work orders.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Edit > Preferences, or

  • From the toolbar, click the Preferences button.

Field & Button Definitions

  • Required Fields – Ticking an available checkbox in the required fields area makes that component mandatory in work orders.  When ticked, the program will not allow a work order to be saved without first entering the required information.  The available required components are:
  • Require Client PO – When ticked, a client purchase order number must be entered before a save is allowed.
  • Require Marketing Type – When ticked, a marketing type must be selected before a save is allowed.
  • Require Ordered By – When ticked, the individual who is placing the work order must be entered in the “Ordered By” field before a save is allowed.  For instance, if Aaron Cook from your customer Sunflower Packaging is requesting service, enter “Aaron Cook” in the “Ordered By” field.
  • Allow Duplicate Work Orders – When ticked, allows multiple work orders to share the same work order number.  The program understands that each work order is a separate entity which happens to share a common work order number with another order(s).
  • Work Order Page/Email Options – A number of self-explanatory work order components may be included when paging or emailing work order information.  Simply tick the checkbox of each component to include in the email or page.
  • Use Message Spanning – Cell phone companies typically limit the number of characters in a single SMS text message.  If you discover that your paged/emailed work orders are exceeding the character limit, tick the Use Message Spanning checkbox to enable the funtion.  This feature will split a single large message into a series of smaller messages having characters equal to or less than the number of characters specified in the “Split At _____ Characters” field. The text message recipient will then receive message 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3 (or however many split-messages it takes to send all of the information contained in the original message).

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