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This help topic explains how to select certain options to print various forms and sales related reports in Total Office Manager. These reports include sales, invoices, credit memos\refunds, estimates, and purchase orders.

This help topic does NOT pertain to checks and payroll checks. These forms and reports have a slightly different set of options so we have created a specific help topic for those forms and reports.


This form allows you to easily select options to print various forms and reports in Total Office Manager. Please note that if certain options are gray (dimmed out), those options are not available for what you are trying to print.

Form Access

  • This form is presented when you click “Print” from most forms and lists.


  1. Select the options you need and click either the Print, Print Preview, or Export buttons. Please see details below for an explanation of each option on this form.

Field and Button Definitions

Please note that not all options listed below will be available. The options you see depend on the particular form or report you are trying to print.



Depending on the form you are printing, you may see a summary of the invoice , check, etc., that you are printing.


Total Office Manager offers you as many as six styles (like checks or invoices) to choose from. Please note that this option may not be available on all forms or reports.

Company Options

Total Office Manager offers you the ability to include a company logo, company name, or company address. This information comes from the Company Information form (click Company | Company Information).

Customer’s Address Options

Invoice only. This is the address that you wish to display on the invoice. You can use the Bill To or the Ship To address. This is handy because sometimes a customer will need an invoice sent to one or the other.

Print Return Message (for tear-offs)

Invoice only. This is used when you wish to use a pre-printed form that includes a tear off at the bottom of the form. An example of this includes VersaCheck® SmartInvoice® form 5000 (and possibly others). See your office supply store or call us for these.

Print Sub Total

When checked, sub total will be included in your report. Some flat rate users have requested the ability to prevent the sub total from being printed so we have included it.

Print Sales Tax

When checked, the sales tax total will be included in your report. If you have sales tax items in the item list, they will still be included. Some flat rate users have requested the ability to prevent sales tax totals from being printed so we have included it.

Flat Rate Invoice

This option allows you to print an invoice that contains the sub total, amount paid, and total amount due but with no details. In other words, the invoice will NOT be itemized with this option checked. This option allows you to print what we call a flat rate invoice.


Save As My Preferences

Click this button to save your setting as your default. You should see your settings the next time you open this form.


Click this button to send the job to your printer. You will not preview the print job. It will go straight to your printer.
Preview Click this button to see the job before you print it. Use this option when you might want to enter a print range of pages or other options.
Export Click this button to export this print job in a variety of formats including Word®, Excel®, RTF, Text, and more.


Closes the form.

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