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How to Preview Reports

The Print Preview form includes many nice features to allow you to view your data more efficiently. We explain the use of these features below. All of these features are available to you while in Print Preview mode.

Group Tree

The Group Tree feature allows you to drill down on certain records such as a specific customer or vendor. This feature is NOT available in most reports.

Page Up – Page Down

By clicking the black left or right arrow, you will advance one page at a time.

Fast Forward – Reverse Scroll

This feature works like the fast forward button on a cassette tape player. By clicking the black left or right arrow with the black line, you can advance to the end or beginning of the report. You can also stop at any time by clicking the stop button (black square). Depending on your computer, this process may take some time. Please be patient!

Report Search Feature

This is a simple search function. Enter any string (example: ACA or 0060) and click the search button (black binoculars). The first string that matches will be presented. Click the search icon again and the second string, if any, will be returned. Example: If you wish to search for any task that contains “Trane”, enter Trane and click the search icon. If you want to locate a task category that starts with ATD, type in ATD and click the binocular icon. You will be taken to the first task that starts with ATD. Don’t forget dashes, commas, punctuation, etc. The search only works forward, it does not search backwards. In other words, the search begins at the page or task that you are on and works forward.

View Magnification (zoom in or out)

You can “zoom in” to get a close-up view of your document or “zoom out” to see more of the page at a reduced size. Click the drop down arrow in the Zoom Control box (top left of the Print Preview form). Click the zoom setting you want.

Resizable Form

We have made the Print Preview form resizable. This can be a handy feature, especially if you wish to view multiple forms. To resize a form, you must first click the ‘restore down’ button located next to the x in the top right corner and then simply place your mouse pointer at the bottom right side of the form. Your mouse pointer should turn into a double arrow. You may now depress your left mouse button and ” drag ” the form larger or smaller.

Mobile Print Preview Form

You may move the Print Preview form around the screen very easily after you have clicked the ‘restore down’ button. This feature is useful when you need more space, like when a portion of the form is off the screen. Point your mouse pointer at the Title Bar (the blue portion at the top of the form). With your mouse pointer over the Title Bar, depress the left mouse button and “drag” the form to a location of your choice.

Page Jump To

This feature allows you to enter a number into the field then hit enter and you will be taken directly to that page number.