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This is the procedure for uploading your Total Office Manager Enterprise Edition database file to Aptora.

Perform this process from your server using the Total Office Manager Enterprise Server Utility.

Under certain circumstances, your company file (your database file) may need to be uploaded to Aptora for troubleshooting, review, or inspection.

IMPORTANT PASSWORD NOTE:  When your Total Office Installation (which included the SQL Server instance) was setup, an “sa” (Server Administrator) password was created by the person who performed the installation.  Entering your sa password is required to perform this operation using the “SQL” Authentication Method.  If you do not know your sa password, contact your IT professional or try using the Windows Authentication Method.

Aptora Corporation has no way of knowing your server administrator password nor any method of obtaining it.

Form Access

  • Generally, the Total Office Manager Enterprise Server Utility is found by clicking the Microsoft Windows® “Start” button, and going to All Programs | Aptora | Total Office Manager Enterprise | Server Utility.

  • A shortcut to the utility might be present on the desktop.

The Total Office Manager Enterprise Server Utility will appear.  If neither path to the utility is found, consult the IT professional who originally installed the software.

How To Send Files To Us (Aptora)

Using the Enterprise Server Utility you can upload files directly to us.

  1. Before attempting to do so, please verify that you are on the latest version of the Server Utility. You can do this by clicking [Help] and [Check For Updates]. Please download the newest version available.

  2. Click the [Send to Aptora] button on the Enterprise Server Utility main screen.

  3. Navigate to and select your backup file and click [OK].

Previous versions of the utility only allowed (compressed) .teb and .bak (default backup format) files to be uploaded vis this interface, however with version 8.0.5 (and above) you are also able to upload compressed .zip files.

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