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This topic will cover setting up and editing your company’s federal and state unemployment tax rates.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Employees | Unemployment Tax Rates.

Unemployment Tax Rates File Path

Field Definitions

Unemployment Tax Rate Form
Federal – The rate for the United States Federal Government. Check with your accountant to be sure.
State – The rate for the state your company resides in.
Date Range – You may be required to enter a different tax rate depending on the quarter. Please be sure to seek help from your accountant if you have any concerns.


Use this form to enter state and federal tax rates for unemployment. This is a tax your company may have to pay to cover federal and/or state unemployment benefits. Note: If you do not use Total Office Manager’s payroll, you do not need to concern yourself with this topic.


  1.  Open the form as noted above.
  2. Enter your state unemployment tax rate.
  3. Enter your federal unemployment tax rate.
  4. Click the OK button to save your changes and close the form.


  • Please be sure to seek help from your accountant if you have any concerns about this form.

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