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The warehouse list keeps track of particular storage locations for your inventory. This form makes it easy to quickly locate your inventory by location via: Service Vans, Warehouse, Storage Unit, Showroom, Basement, Service Department , Branch office, etc. This topic explains how to add, edit, inactivate, and delete warehouses.


Many service companies find it useful to track inventory per truck. This makes it easier to transfer inventory from one place to another. Suppose a technician calls the office to say that they do not have a required part for a certain job. You could search Total Office Manager to see if that part exists not only in your warehouse, but in a vehicle. You could then have that tech deliver that part to their coworker.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Company | Lists | Warehouse List.



Warehouse List Pop-Up Options
Warehouse List Pop-Up Options
  1. Open the form and sort the list if desired.
  2. To create a new warehouse, right-click anywhere in the list and choose New Warehouse from the pop-up menu.
  3. To edit a warehouse, right-click on it and choose Edit Warehouse from the pop-up menu.
  4. To delete a warehouse, right-click on it and choose Delete Warehouse from the pop-up menu.
  5. To inactivate a warehouse, right-click on it and choose Make Warehouse Inactive from the pop-up menu.

Field Definitions

Add Warehouse Form
Add Warehouse Form

Type –

This is a required field. This refers to the physical location where the inventory is stored. Warehouse, Vehicle, Store Front or Other.

Name –

This is a required field. The name of the physical location.

Example: Service Van, Service Dept. etc.


This is a required field. It’s used for summarization.

Example: Joe’s Van, Home Office, Second Branch, etc.

Contact Name –

The name of the person in charge at the particular location.

Address –

Address of physical location.

Address 2 –

Additional address information, if needed.

City –

Physical location of the warehouse.

State/Province –

Physical location of the warehouse.

Zip/Postal –

The zip code of physical location.

Country –

Country of physical location.

Phone –

Telephone number at the physical location.

Fax –

Fax number at the physical location.

OK –

To save.

Next –

To save and add the next warehouse location.


  • If you have a service van out in the field and a tech needs a part or equipment and there is another service van it the area this will help to increase customer service.
  •  You may have two company locations and you get parts and equipment from each location (to eliminate dead inventory), you would maybe want to keep track of each location.
  • By tracking your inventory, if one of your service vans is have trouble with shrinkage, (thievery) at least you can get a good handle on it.
  •  You can delete or inactivate multiple warehouses. To highlight multiple records , press and hold your CTRL key and click each record . You may also select a range of warehouses by highlighting the first warehouse in that range, pressing and holding your left Shift key, and clicking the last warehouse in that range.
  • You can select a warehouse and right click for common tasks.
  • We generally recommend that you avoid deleting warehouses. You should use the Inactivate option instead.

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