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James Leichter Teaches Materials Management / Inventory Management at Contractor University

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Aptora Owner James Leichter, a founding instructor at EGIA, was asked to give a 2-day workshop for Contractor University.

Materials Management and Inventory Management

Understanding material handling possibilities throughout your business – including accountability for it in the field – is crucial to contracting business success.

In this workshop, dealers will learn to create an efficient material replenishment process for their companies, while getting the tools and training to tie metrics to inventory management system in a way that ensures you’re driving profit – not just revenue.

Attendees will also learn:

  • Field Accountability for Material Handling
  • Standardized Vehicle Stock Systems
  • Replenishment Procedures for Review
  • Establishing Inventory for 85% first time Service Call Completion rate
  • GPS Technology
  • Electronic Invoicing and Processes
  • Purchasing Procedures

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