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Total Office Manager NextGen


Have a question about the upcoming successor to our renowned software? In our quest to make sure you have all the information you need, we have compiled a list of commonly raised questions surrounding the upcoming release.

Question Answer
Is this for cloud-based users? The new software update will be released initially for cloud-based users, with plans to extend functionality and updates to other users subsequently.
Are there changes to mobile users? experience, such as for technicians? Changes to the mobile user experience, particularly for technicians, are planned. However, the initial focus will be on enhancing the office and dispatching aspects of the software. Enhancements to the mobile experience will follow.
What do document link images function like? In the first phase of the release, the current mobile view will be used without major changes to avoid disrupting the technician's workflow. The mobile platform will be integrated with the next generation of the Total Office Manager, and improvements to the mobile view, including a card-style presentation and enhanced sales presentation capabilities, are planned.
What does the mobile view look like? What can the technicians see and how do they use it? In the first phase of the release, the current mobile view will be used without major changes to avoid disrupting the technician's workflow. The mobile platform will be integrated with the next generation of the Total Office Manager, and improvements to the mobile view, including a card-style presentation and enhanced sales presentation capabilities, are planned.
Is this going to be something we upgrade for cost as a Cloud user? Will current TOM still exist for use? The plan is, if you have an active VIP service agreement and are not lapsing on your renewals, you will pay the same price you already pay to move to the new system when it is ready for you.You will pay the same price as a thank you for being a customer. We greatly appreciate long time loyal customers.
will groups work the same with moving rows? Yes, groups will function the same as in the current version, allowing movement of rows within the group but not outside of it.
Will the CDV?s be available for export like in current TOM? Custom Data Views (CDVs) will likely transition into reports, with the capability to export these reports maintaining the enhanced exporting functionality, including improved formatting retention.
Can we delete multiple lines at once rather than one at a time in estimates, invoices, etc. like in current TOM? This feature is not available at launch, but the feedback has been noted as a good idea for potential future implementation.
What if we are not hosted? We will offer both a self-hosted and a hosted option. The self-hosted option will become available after the hosted update has completely rolled out. We will continue supporting and updating the older version for approximately one-year beyond the date the update was first made available to a company. Updates will be kept to a minimum. After the one-year update period, we will provide one final payroll update and software updates will likely stop. Our goal for Aptora customers is to transition to the new system.
Will there be a dark mode? Dark mode is anticipated to be supported, with the interface adapting to browser settings and possibly offering customizable color schemes in future updates.
On the invoice screen, can you collapse or expand the group item? This functionality is not available initially but is recognized as a valuable suggestion for future updates to enhance invoice management efficiency.
When is this rolling out? April 2024 is the launch date.
April is launch for cloud base - how long after for self-hosted? The timeline for self-hosted versions following the cloud-based launch is not specified, depending on beta testing outcomes and user adaptation. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.
Will it still have saved list filters? The intention is to support saved filters, allowing users to save and name their filter configurations due to the extensive filtering capabilities in the new system.
Will Audit Trail be public for all in TOM? Or still can set to specific users? It will be for users who have permission to access it
Can the audit trail have more detail of what happened? The main audit trail will offer similar detail as before, but individual forms like invoices or customer records will have their own detailed audit trails, showing changes such as original and new values for edited fields.
any other changes to estimates / invoices and form designer? The form designer and the ability to customize printed invoices will remain similar to the current functionality, with a potential for enhanced capabilities in future updates. The new report designer aims to be slightly easier to use, although building detailed reports will still require a level of complexity.
what about tax filings for fed and state, also upload templates for W2's? Can we file 941 directly from software? The initial release is expected to include the ability to upload templates for W2s for the Social Security Administration. Filing 941s directly from the software is anticipated to be introduced in a later update, expanding the software's tax filing capabilities.
Can we still use NACHA instead of the TP bank? Yes, NACHA files, used for processing payroll, can still be utilized in the traditional manner alongside newer methods. The system will support both the traditional NACHA file approach and direct uploads for payroll processing.
Are you able to talk more about the open API functionality and what that will enable us to do going forward with our customers and existing software? The open API will offer extensive integration capabilities, allowing for the creation of custom solutions, data manipulation, and enhanced interoperability with other software tools. This could range from simple tasks like creating work orders to complex data integration and automation processes.
Do the messages within TOM save to the customer account in any way? Messages within TOM are saved in the database and can potentially be associated with customer accounts for future reference, although the initial functionality might not include direct viewing within the customer history or contact log.
How will the payroll work when there are taxing AND non-taxing jurisdictions in the same zip code? The payroll system is designed to handle complexities such as taxing and non-taxing jurisdictions within the same zip code, with editable tax items allowing for adjustments as needed to accurately reflect the correct tax obligations.
What about Canadian Payroll?? Canadian payroll is under active consideration, with efforts to find a partner that can supply Canadian payroll tax tables. While no promises are made regarding the timeline, it is a priority to support Canadian payroll in the future.
any changes to banking that will allow connection to the bank or credit card and download the transactions? There are no immediate changes to banking functionalities such as direct connections for transaction downloads. Users can continue to import transaction data through formats like CSV files, with improvements to importing capabilities considered for future updates.
What will email paystubs, email customer statements, and the employee portal look like? An employee portal, which will allow for functionalities such as emailing paystubs and customer statements, is expected to be part of the initial release or to be introduced shortly thereafter, aiming to streamline communication and document distribution.
If you are logged into only the Schedule Board, can you still access the customers history? Accessing customer history directly from the Schedule Board will be possible, maintaining a streamlined workflow for users who need to reference customer information quickly while managing schedules.
What is the status of the on premise hosted? The transition to cloud-based infrastructure is prioritized, with on-premise (self-hosted) versions to be considered after the cloud-based launch. The timeline for self-hosted solutions will be clearer after the initial cloud launch and user feedback.
Does texting with customers stay in customer history or in their contact log? Text messages with customers are saved in the database and linked by customer ID, suggesting a framework for future integration into customer history or contact logs for comprehensive communication tracking.
Can you show how work orders will look from the field technician's side? Will they be able to assign equipment to parts used, like the current estimate or invoice? Field technicians will continue to use the existing mobile app interface with the same functionality as before, including assigning equipment to parts used. Enhancements to mobile and overall usability are planned, but immediate changes to this specific function are not detailed.
we local or un-hosted and wish to remain that way, will the transition to NEXT Gen be as simple as downloading and installing an update? For local or un-hosted users, transitioning to NEXT Gen will involve a process similar to an update, with specific steps provided to ensure a smooth transition. The system is designed to accommodate both cloud-based and local installations, with support for self-hosting.
What about Form Builder? Or Forms in TOM? The Form Builder functionality is expected to continue, allowing users to customize forms and reports. Enhancements to ease of use and functionality in the new version are anticipated, with a focus on maintaining the ability to create and customize forms.
How will our Form Builder custom reports work with the new version? Custom reports and forms created with the Form Builder are intended to be compatible with the new version, with efforts made to ensure a seamless transition. The new system aims to improve report designing experience while preserving the customization capabilities users rely on.
Are 1095?s included in the new version? With the integration of the form builder into the next generation of the software, the creation of 1095 forms will become possible, enhancing the software?s capabilities in handling essential tax documents.
Will the data for the 1095 be stored in the HR dashboard for easy access when the generation is needed annually? While the designs for an HR dashboard have not been finalized, there is a commitment to ensuring that data necessary for annual 1095 generation will be stored securely and be easily accessible, enhancing the efficiency of annual tax reporting processes.
Will there be square integration? The new software will feature an open API, facilitating the potential for integration with Square if a developer is available to create the integration. Direct integration with Square at the time of release is not planned, but the open API provides a pathway for custom integrations to meet specific business needs.
Will the bill pay work better?? Currently the save, refresh, and auto discount either barely work, don't work, or work incorrectly. It takes us forever to reconcile our statements. Issues with the bill pay functionality have been acknowledged, with a commitment to improving these processes in the new version. The goal is to enhance the reliability and efficiency of bill pay, saving, refreshing, and auto-discount features to facilitate easier reconciliation.
Will all our custom reports and CDV's come over? Will filters work in the new version? Custom reports and CDVs are planned to be transitioned to the new version, with improvements to the filtering and exporting capabilities. The system is being designed to ensure that users retain access to their customizations and that filters function effectively.
What is the status of work order address, will this be editable for each work order? Also, address zone pricing. The ability to edit work order addresses and incorporate address zone pricing is under consideration, with the intention to enhance flexibility and accuracy in work order management. Details on implementation and availability will be provided as development progresses.
Can we create a new text to customers from Teams? Meaning not after the customer responds to automated text. Also, will we be allowed to customize the text feature more than current Teams Chat? Initial functionality may not include initiating texts to customers directly from Teams, focusing instead on responding to customer-initiated messages. However, improvements to texting and customization options are areas of interest for future updates.
Will it allow you to pre-publish (via map) the scheduling? Details on pre-publishing schedules via a map interface are not specified, but enhancements to scheduling and route optimization are goals for the new system, indicating a potential for more advanced scheduling features to be introduced.
How will UDF work? Any changes here? We would love to place them in areas that are advantageous to us. User Defined Fields will continue to be supported, with potential enhancements to allow for greater flexibility in placement and usage across the system. The aim is to enable users to tailor the application more closely to their operational needs, including where UDFs can be applied.
Will you give us notice prior to the update? Yes, users will be notified well in advance of the update to NEXT Gen, ensuring they have ample time to prepare for the transition. The update process will be voluntary, with detailed instructions provided.
Will there be the ability for customers to make payments online? Online payment capabilities are included, allowing customers to pay invoices via a secure online platform. This functionality enhances the convenience and efficiency of the payment process.
Will we be able to text customers invoices with a link to pay? Texting customers with a link to pay their invoices is a feature that is either currently available or planned for enhancement, facilitating easy and quick payments directly from the invoice notification.
Will Aptora be able to import data from Service Titan? Efforts to facilitate data import from Service Titan are acknowledged, with the goal of making the transition as smooth as possible for users switching from Service Titan to Aptora's NEXT Gen.
Is NextGen installable as a progressive web app? NEXT Gen is designed with modern web technologies that allow for a seamless experience across devices, potentially including installation as a progressive web app for easy access and enhanced usability.
Designating multiple contacts on an account to receive estimates or invoices would be helpful. We have many clients that want to be CC?d on estimates or have invoices go to a different address. This is currently a manual process for us. Any evolution here? The feedback on the need to designate multiple contacts for receiving estimates or invoices has been noted, with improvements in this area considered for future updates to streamline communication and billing processes.
We use purchase orders for our internal warehouse, can you take all the items from a purchase order and transfer them from the main warehouse to a vehicle warehouse? The ability to transfer items from a purchase order directly to a vehicle warehouse or other locations is recognized as a valuable feature, with considerations for its implementation in order to streamline inventory management processes.
will we be able to log into a sample company before it launches? Users will have the opportunity to explore NEXT Gen through a sample company or a similar environment before launch, ensuring they can familiarize themselves with the new system and its features.
Are chats and texts saved in history under contact? Chat and text interactions are planned to be saved in a way that associates them with specific customer accounts, enhancing record-keeping and the ability to reference past communications.
Are there thumbnails for document links and a quick way to label them like "Serial number" or "Damaged unit?? Improvements to document management, including the use of thumbnails and labeling options for quick identification, are considered to enhance the organization and accessibility of linked documents within the system.
will we be able to generate statements and include Customer PO's? Generating statements with the inclusion of Customer Purchase Orders (PO's) is recognized as a valuable feature. Efforts to enhance statement generation to accommodate such details are considered for future updates.
Are there any improvements for Industrial Contractors, like ACA reporting or Union reporting? Specific improvements targeting the needs of industrial contractors, including ACA and union reporting, are under consideration. The goal is to support a broader range of compliance and reporting requirements for various industries.
On the CDV Views (or new list and reports) can you save the column configuration, and will this be a part of the filter? The ability to save column configurations and include these settings as part of the filter options is planned, aiming to enhance the customizability and efficiency of data views and reports.
Can you give us a little more detail on invoicing & payment links? Invoicing and payment link functionalities are designed to simplify the payment process by allowing customers to receive invoices via text or email and directly pay through a provided link, enhancing the speed and convenience of transactions.
Will there be Caller ID capability, such as when customer calls it opens their account? Caller ID functionality, enabling automatic account lookup when a customer calls, is a feature being explored. This capability aims to streamline customer service by providing immediate access to relevant customer information.
Will you be able to sort chats better (by date, by customer, read/unread, etc.?) Improvements to chat sorting and organization, including options to sort by date, customer, and read/unread status, are being considered to enhance communication management within the system.
Will AIA and certified payroll work, and/or offer the ability to upload to contractors? AIA documents and certified payroll functionalities are acknowledged as important for certain sectors. The system aims to support these requirements, potentially including the ability to upload relevant documents to contractors.
Will we have the option to get a rolling balance sheet, rolling income statement and a trial balance movement report in any of the new reports offered? The introduction of advanced reporting options, such as rolling balance sheets, income statements, and trial balance movement reports, is under consideration to provide users with more dynamic and comprehensive financial analysis tools.
If Mobile Users end up using next generation TOM, will we have to pay for them differently, like dedicated TOM users versus just seats for Mobile? Pricing models for mobile users versus dedicated TOM users are being evaluated, with the intention to offer fair and flexible pricing structures that reflect the actual usage and needs of different user types.
Will the new system allow us to add multiple employees to one work order without having to make a duplicate for each technician? Enhancements to work order management to allow the addition of multiple employees to a single work order without duplication are planned, aiming to improve efficiency in scheduling and job assignment.
Will you have direct customer financing integration at some point? Direct customer financing integration is a feature under consideration, aiming to provide seamless financing options within the system to facilitate easier payment processes for customers.
Will there be an option on invoice\estimate to show multiple payment options, i.e... credit card payment, including credit card fees, or cash\check payment (less credit card fees) Offering multiple payment options on invoices and estimates, including the differentiation of payment methods by associated fees, is recognized as a valuable feature for both businesses and customers, with plans to support such flexibility in payment processing.