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Total Office Manager NextGen


Have a question about the upcoming successor to our renowned software? In our quest to make sure you have all the information you need, we have compiled a list of commonly raised questions surrounding the upcoming release.

The tab labels will correspond to actions, for instance, “New Estimate” and “Edit Estimate.”

Global default filters will still exist; however, their necessity will be reduced compared to the previous approach.

Data security is bolstered by utilizing OAuth2 for authentication and storage in a secure cloud-based key vault.

Thirteen modules have been completed so far.

The adoption of this version represents the strategic direction of Aptora, and it will eventually replace Total Office Manager DT.

Yes, the same settings for importing items will exist.

No, there is no fee associated with transitioning from the hosted TOM to NextGen.

While we will continue supporting the older version for approximately a year, our goal for Aptora customers is to transition to the new system.

Yes, it is accessible via web browsers, including those on phones and tablets.

Yes, thumbnail previews will be integrated.

Yes, employees will have access to their individual information through the Employee portal.

Yes, the capability to include job site photos on these documents will be available.

This aspect is still under development.

Yes, features for mobile forms and document attachments will be in place.

Yes, multi-day work orders involving multiple technicians will still be accommodated.

There is no user limit, allowing all employees to access the system.

Work is underway to analyze compatibility with Canadian payroll requirements.

Yes, licensing is determined on a per-user basis.

No, the mechanics of multiple visit service agreements will remain unchanged.

Initially, 3rd Party Billing will function similarly to the current TOM version.

Yes, users will retain the ability to upload pictures from field locations.

Yes, the system will clearly indicate when an account is on hold.

Certainly, employees will have the capability to enter timesheet information through their designated portal.

The projected rollout date is set for April 2024.

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