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    Job Costing and Estimate Worksheet

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    This professionally built form is a proven winner. It is a two sided 14″ worksheet prepared and used by a successful contractor and now used by many others. It is perfect for helping you figure any residential and most commercial HVAC jobs. We have included sheet metal, duct work, takeoffs, round pipe, rectangle pipe, electrical, and much more. This complicated form was designed using Microsoft Word. We have included the file on disk so that you can customize it for your own needs. The form is very flexible. This worksheet took us MANY hours to create. You can’t do much typing and creating for 10 bucks so why not just invest in this one. Don’t reinvent the wheel. This price is cheap! You get both a PDF and a fully editable MS Word document. Two pages.

  • HVAC Chart of Accounts with Division & Department Lists
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    HVAC Chart of Accounts with Division & Department Lists

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    A quality chart of accounts and department list is essential to proper accounting and bookkeeping. This is a comprehensive chart of accounts that includes income, COGS, and overhead items. Overhead is separated as fixed and variable. The COA includes a recommended numbering convention.

    We have also included a list of recommended divisions and departments so that you can departmentalize your company’s income statement.

    There is great detail without getting carried away. This designed specifically for the HVAC, plumbing, or electrical industry.

    This is a fully editable Microsoft Excel file. You can easily import this file into many accounting programs. We can’t provide technical support for that.

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    Simple Accounting Principles for Small Contractors

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    Our goal was to explain the concept of basic accounting, in a way the contractor could understand, in 25 pages or less. We have done it. The book is actually larger but includes a very comprehensive glossary of accounting terms, samples, thorough table of contents, custom chart of accounts (made especially for the contractor), and more. Accounting For Non-Accountants covers Income Statements, Balance Sheet, Credit and Debits, T-Accounts, General Ledger, A/R, A/P, Cash Accounting, Cash Accounts, Accrual Accounting, Cash Verses Accrual, Cost Allocation, Job Costing, Adjusting Entries, Tax Reporting, Management Reporting, and much more. You are buying a digital copy of this book in PDF format. The accounting exam portion of the book is in MS Word format and is completely editable. Your company may print this material as many times as you wish.

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