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    Comprehensive Job Descriptions (HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical)

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    We will give you HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. You now get all three for the price of just one.

    Avoid confusion and unnecessary conflict by outlining the responsibilities of your technicians and support staff. Let your employees know exactly what’s expected of them. Written by a successful contractor, this collection of job descriptions is a great reference point or can be used as is. How many times have you wished you had a job description to clarify a responsibility, or just to prove your point? Well now you can get some of the very best. Written and perfected by a successful dealer, this collection of job descriptions is ready to go. All major positions are covered. Simply open the documents with Microsoft Word 2007 or higher, change things to meet your needs, and print them. Pass them out in your next company meeting. They are fully formatted. These detailed job descriptions include President, General Manager, Service Manager, Installation Manager, Production Coordinator (dispatcher), Service Technician, Installation Technician (several skill levels are thoroughly covered), Salesperson, Marketing Director, and many more. Each one contains three sections: general job description, special required skills and education, and duties and responsibilities. There are about 55 pages and 12,000 words. They are very extensive. We recommend investing in our Tool Requirement List and Accounting Examinations. They are available on this website. Please don’t try to create these yourself. You don’t want to get them wrong and won’t save any money. For this low price, you would be far better off starting with ours and tailoring them to meet your own needs. Here is a free sample HVAC Job Descriptions Table of Contents.

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    Organization Chart Examples

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    These are contracting business organization charts. These organization charts were created by Mr. HVAC and were used by many companies he has consulted with.

    Includes 3 different types of organization charts in both PDF and editable Microsoft Word versions.

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    Hiring and Firing Kit

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    Don’t know what to ask during a job interview? Want to avoid the six illegal questions that could get your HVAC company sued? This revolutionary kit includes all items needed to guide your contracting company through choosing, screening, interviewing service technicians, installers, and other positions. We include an Application for Employment, Suggested Pre-Employment Questions, Spelling and Grammar test, Sample Technician Help Wanted Ads, Do’s & Don’ts when Hiring, Sample Affirmative Action Plan and many more. This book is 8 1/2″ x 11″ and is a fully editable MS Word 2007 document. 26 pages and approximately 8000 words. **BONUS: We will include free information on how to fire a co-worker legally and properly. We include Written Reprimand forms, Illegal Reasons for Firing Employees, FAQ, Exit Interviews, Equal Opportunity Employer poster, and many more. Don’t run your business without this system in place!

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    Technical Skills Assessment & Placement System

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    Technicians want a pay system that is fair and simple. We include a pre-employment technical skills review as well as a comprehensive exam designed to gauge the overall ability of a HVAC\R technician. They include 25 and 100 questions respectively. The pre-employment exam was designed to allow you to assess one’s technical abilities BEFORE you hire them. You get both for the same price. We have also included our new Basic Accounting Examination. This system was specifically designed for contractors who perform light commercial and residential work on heat pumps, air conditioning, gas heating, electric heating, ice machines, and refrigeration equipment. Documents are 8 1/2” x 11” and are in MS Word format. This product is fully editable. Open, edit, and print them out.

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