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Ratchet Wrench for Refrigeration and A/C Work 3/16″ to 3/8″

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From Mr. HVAC

This inexpensive but specialized tool is very handy and should be part of any technician’s tool kit. It is used to removed specialized caps open refrigerant specialized refrigerant valves. You could get away with using an adjustable wrench but they are uncool. Plus, this wrench works better in tight places and you won’t run the risk of striping the valve stem.

This wrench is the best combination of solid build quality and price that I could find. I just wish it came with some type of case. I love cases. :) This would make a great gift for a service or installation technician.

Adapted from Amazon

  • Double Ended Reversible Ratchet Wrench: Quick-flip reversing lever permits instant ratchet reversal. Wrenches are ruggedly built with smooth edges for comfort.
  • Industrial Grade: Forged from high quality chromium, high polished , stronger, more durable and corrosion resistant.
  • Precision Design: Perfectly sized lengthwise, and the width of the handle is great. The straightness of the wrench and the ease of use are well suited to work comfortably everywhere.
  • Compact and Simple Design: Wrenches are compact in size, with clearly marked sockets for four nut sizes.
  • Flat anti-skidding refrigeration wrench, allowing maximum leverage, suitable for daily work and household maintenance.
  • Wrench and Adapter Size: Wrench size: 3/16 inches, 5/16 inches, 1/4 inches and 3/8 inches; adapter size: 3/16 inches and 5/16 inches.
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