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Proven Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

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Increasing Worker Productivity

Downsizing is one of the many aftermaths of poor resource management and financial crisis. The discrepancies in resource management make it difficult to identify the company needs, the allocation of resources, and finally achievements of the target. Focusing on the available resources can not only help you increase work productivity but also learn the true value of the existing staff. The following tips will help you increase the work productivity of your employees.

Know the Strength and Weakness of Your Employees

It is easier said than done to understand the true potential of your employees. With sound observations and tools, you can learn if a certain employee has the skills required for a certain position. For instance, one way of checking the efficiency is to see how long it takes different people to complete one task. To understand their interests and preferences, offer them some space in choosing their favourite task. You can also tally their cost against the revenue they help you generate within a certain period of time. These pointers are very basic in screening the staff and identifying the ones who could be a burden on your company in future.

Device the Strategy Based On Their Strength and Weaknesses

Once you have learned the strengths and weaknesses of the staff, ask yourself if their weaknesses can be removed and strengths can be sharpened further. Some casual meetings can also be helpful in knowing their calibre and aspirations as this will offer you more room to try and fit them into your company. Once you have collected the needed information, piece it together and view it against your business requirements. By doing this, you can not only fit them in the right department but also come up with more strategies to pursue your goals of increasing sales and revenue.

Monitor Their Performance

Once you are done with the hectic job of assigning different task to your employees, make sure to administer their performance. This monitoring has to be done in an effortless and benign way so that the employees do their job without experiencing the fatal pressure of being scrutinized. Being a good observer will come in handy here as you can tell apart the staff members who can handle their job and those who are not doing all that great.

Recognize Their Efforts

Verbal appreciation is underrated by many of us. If you ask me, I wish to record every moment when someone appreciates me or note down the encouraging remarks to read and watch whenever I feel down. Give your employees their share of appreciation in the form of encouraging words. It would be more generous on your part if you could explain what part of their job you found better and how that benefited you. Public appreciation is a magic mood lifter which also earns your employees recognition and instigates healthy competition.

Reward Them

Please do not mix this very important part of the “productivity boosting process” with the one discussed earlier because in many cases, the absence of a reward can ruin it for the employees and deflate their motivation as well as work efficiency. In absence of proper reward, you not only drain your best resource but, in extreme cases, kill job satisfaction.

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